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Hi Friends! Again so sorry for the lack of posts, but its Christmas time and I have 5 little kids plus we have been basically renovating and property managing a family members property while they are away. So hectic! Enough of the boring suff Im here to talk about the . If you follow me on  then you will already know some of my feelings. Keep reading for swathes and a full brutally honest review!

This is the first palette Kyle Cosmetics released. You get 9 shadows for $42 which is $4.60 a shadow. The shadows are 1.4grams each compared to 1.8g for Makeup geek shadows and 1.5g for tarte shadows. A tiny bit less but nothing major.

Before I just fully into my review I want to mention something that I mentioned on Kylie Cosmetics is a baby brand. A really new brand. Most Brands don’t have MILLIONS of people waiting and watching everything they do when they first start. It would be a lot of pressure (but hey its a lot of money she’s making because of that reach) ANYWAYS my point here is that this is the first palette she released and EVERY single company I know of continually updates their formulas making them better and better, this being the first is probably going to be the “worst”. Also worth mentioning I am not a Kylie Jenner fan or Hater, I don’t really care either way, all I know is I love her makeup so HAD to try her line.

Lets talk about the shade selection. YES PLEASE. These shades are just beautiful and everything i want for every single day. Except the light shimmery colour (MIDDLE TOP ROW QUARTZ). Its crap. The colour is really blah and I’m not sure that it would work on any skin tone. Quartz isn’t really nice as a brow bone highlight or inner corner and that’s what I’m looking for in a light shimmery shade in a palette. Its sort of pink champagne shade that even on me (medium skin tone) its to dark. This shade swatches nicely but seems to apply kind of chunky and dry.

For me the Shimmers in this palette (there are only 2) are a total miss for me. The shimmery brown (gold stone) swatches nicely but when applied it has barely any pigment. I would say on Pa with the Ciate x Chloe morello palette, just total BLAH. The matte shades though the dark Neutral brown “Bronzite” is quite dry and hard to blend. I Prefer Bronzite and Obsidian for shadow liner. Citrine, Tigers Eye and Topaz are nice crease colours but they just don’t faze me. I don’t hate this palette but it just doesn’t wow me like I thought it would. Definitely not the worse palette ever but it isn’t the best.

I DID FIND A DUPE and this palette is BETTER


As you can See the Jouer Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette has nearly the exact same shades in it. The Jouer palette also has it faults (the first two shades are complete crap) but over all when comparing the palettes and using them the Jouer is better and I will tell you why after these swatches. (FYI JC = Jouer Cosmetics KC=Kylie Cosmetics)

You can See that Jouer has no Dupe for Kylies awesome Shade “Jasper” but nearly exact shade dupes for Quartz and Topaz with BETTER pigmentation.

Again Very Close Dupes. The one that stands out is Jouers “Suede” compared to Kylies Gold Stone. Gold stone is CRAP is a terrible shimmer that barely even shows up at all. Suede is AMAZING totally on pa with Tartes Shimmers. It goes on effortlessly and is so pigmented. Desert from Jouer isn’t as vibrant as Citrine from Kylie but on the eyelid they are nearly Identical. Desert blends more easily. You can also see that there isn’t and Exact dupe for Kylies Tiger Eye but  I do prefer Cafe.

Again you can see these dupes are nearly identical. You can also see that the Jouer swatches look more even, smooth and pigmented opposed the kylie swatches. Sepia is a little more red than Hematite. Dark Chocolate is definitely more creamy and smooth than Bronze. Both the Blacks are quite blue based and again the Jouer black is more even and pigmented.

The Jouer palette also has another 3 shades apart from these 9 dupes. I will say that two of the extra shades are crap, but one is just beautiful.

Dew and Matte Vanilla have barely any pigment and are useless but Mocha is BEAUTIFUL another killer brown shimmer shade.


Kylie has Nailed the shade selection but not completely nailed the formula which I do believe will come with time because for a first palette it’s quite good. As far as I know the “Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette” from Jouer is also their first palette but not their first ever shadows. Kylie offers 9 shadows for $42 where are the Jouer palette is 12 shadows for $40 (though two are quite unusable) so really the price point is quite similar. I would DEFINATELY pick the Jouer palette just because most of the shades are Identical but overall the quality and the pigmentation are at a higher standard.

I hope this was helpful if your were looking for an easy warm Neutral palette.

Would you like me to review the Burgundy Palette By Kylie Cosmetics and let you know if the formula has improved?

Thankyou for Reading!

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*all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest as per usual!


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