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Hi Everyone! Today I have a Jouer Powder Highlighter Collection Review ! As you may know the shade “Citrine” is so popular! These sold out almost immediately when they released and it took MONTHS to restock! I had Topaz and Rose Quartz from the first release and Finally got my hands on Citrine when they Restocked, These COULD be the best highlighters ever, are they? keep reading!

*CURRENTLY (feb 27) these are ALL instock on  (they ship internationally), the Jouer Website JUST restocked and BEAUTYLISH has Topaz available.

The Jouer Powder highlighters come in 3 shades Citrine, Rose Quarts and Topaz. At $24 USD you get .16oz compared to ABH So Hollywood $28 for .32oz or Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors for $38 for .28oz

When comparing the weight you can see its got less than most other highlighter and only a tad cheaper. Lets be real though, how many of you have used an entire highlighter? (Haha)


I love this formula. For me its the best I have ever used. I love these highlighters because they NEVER sot on top if the skin, they blend flawlessly and never leave a stripe. They are so soft and smooth they look like they melt into the skin and are NEVER powdery.

When you swatch then they almost feel wet because they are so creamy. These are EXTREMEMLY soft. I had to buy a second Topaz because when i first swatched it I completely crumbled it (too much pressure haha) they are soft and just beautiful.

Because the formula melts into the skin I found that every shade seems to work well with all of the skin tones I have tried it in, its like pure sheen and although the sheen reflects a certain shade it doesn’t put colour on your face – when they have too much colour certain highlighters wont work with darker or lighter skin because it doesn’t leave a colour stripe, they leave a sheen that reflects what ever shade you chose.


Left to Right – Rose Quartz, Topaz and Citrine

I love every shade, I am a medium skin tone and all work beautifully on me.


Pic Taken Inside

Pic Taken in the sun

This shade is BEAUTIFUL it is described as a shimmering gold!


Pic Taken in the sun

Pic Taken Inside

I never go for a highlight shade like this, it’s always gold for me! This “Shimmering Champagne Pink” has just the right amount of pink and Champagne in it!


Pic Taken in the Sun

Pic Taken Inside

Topaz is the darkest of the 3 shades and is described as a “Shimmering Peachy Gold” I love this shade too! Like I just can’t choose a favourite! The pic taken in the sunlight is the most true to colour.


Its bold of me to say, but these are my favourite highlighters ever. They are somehow extremely pigmented yet they give off a natural “Glow from within” they are not powdery and they way they melt into the skin is unlike any other. I actually can’t compare them to anything. The packaging is so cute also.

If you could only try one Citrine is the most popular shade, but I can’t choose. I thought topaz would be to dark for me but like I said they all just work!!!

TELL ME what is your fav highlighter? Have you tried these?

Thankyou for reading and as always you can find me on


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