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Well Hello!! today I am reviewing the Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation. I actually bought this randomly on a trip to Mecca. I hadn’t really heard much about it. When I purchased it the girl asked me if I was buying it because I had seen a Jaclyn Hill video, and I told her no I was buying it because the Packaging was cool (haha). She told me that Jaclyn Had mentioned it in a Video and it just flew of the shelves. I mean can you imagine having that much Influence that even in Western Australia you are selling products out. Crazy. But that just makes me feel mad again about the whole Becca Saga, that’s another Issue though. Back to the Point. I was intrigued and bought it. I ended up going home and watching the Jaclyn Hill video and she goes on about how it’s the most amazing foundation for everyone, do I agree?? keep Reading


Ok so firstly I am really happy with the American to Australia price difference there. $45 USD convert to $59.42 so the mark up isn’t to bad (it can be more than $20 at times). This foundation has the standard 30ml of product and is free from nasties like parabens, sulphates and Phthalates. Now this is awesome but one thing to keep in mind is that If a product doesn’t contain Parabens you really need to stick to the expiry time, because it doesn’t have those nasties making it last forever.This foundation contains Josie Marans signature Argan Oil. Its meant to be medium to full coverage and be skincare and makeup all in one. Now in Jaclyns video she said her friends whether oily or dry love this. I can’t imagine this working really well for oily skin. I have combination skin and I get oily on my nose, chin and between my brows. This wears of there first. I can get 4-5 hours wear out of this before it is completely gone. This foundation does not emphasise fine lines or Pores. Its basically what I expected from the Too Faced Born this way foundation (but didn’t get READ MY REVIEW HERE) This foundation looks luminous yet there is NO shimmer or sparkle. I do find that I clings to dry patches, mainly where I don’t exfoliate properly like near my nostrils. I would still recommend this for Dry skin because it has the argan oil in it.

For Me this Does not work if I just go in with a damp beauty blender like Usual. The best technique I have found is either rubbing it all over like a moisturised and then Blending out with a beauty blender or lightly buffing everywhere with a flat top kabuki brush and then going over with the beauty sponge. Now I got Medium coverage out of this, definitely not full coverage. I am going to add some before and afters of my skin with the foundation. Be kind, my camera really captured every flaw (so rude) haha.

Heres my skin before the foundation, I have done my usual moisturising etc. I applied the Benefit Porefessional after this photo, its the primer I use every day.

And here is one layer of the foundation, below is an extreme close up

Brows are not on flee (ever) hahah but you can see that It looks like my skin but better. You can still see my pores but you can see it doesn’t settle into the pores. Which is a bonus

This is my basic Every day makeup, Primer, foundation, concealer, set with Laura Mercer translucent powder, bronzer, blush and then eyes and lips. As you ca see you ca still see my skin.



Now over all this si a nice foundation. it’s an expensive foundation though. This is the foundation you might like for a dry winters day to add some moisture or maybe something easy for summer that will wear off say if you sweat, go swimming etc. I honestly don’t think this would be good for extremely oily skin. I think you wouldn’t buy this if you are looking for full coverage, In that case you may want to go for something like Estee lauder double wear, its $17 cheaper also. If you want a natural semi luminous finish that will last longer than definitely go for the NARS sheer glow foundation. I do like his foundation but for me it’s not a re purchase. If I want somwthing easy with added skincare benefits then i am definitely going to opt for the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream because it’s also has sf 50+ and its like nearly $10 cheaper. This foundation comes in 14 shades in America and 11 in Australia. My shade is the Third darkest in Australia and you can see I am a light/Medium sometimes medium skin tone. When watching inshore I did also see that these were mainly yellow based foundations, which is amazing for me but not if you have a pink undertone! This is a really great foundation, I will continue to use it but it isn’t going to be a must have or something I would buy again because I do have better, more affordable options.

I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading!!


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