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This is the first It Cosmetics Products I’ve tried and I’m really excited! I’ve always wanted to try something but just hadn’t had the chance yet as it’s not yet widely available in Australia. The first thing about It Cosmetics is that it’s not just makeup its skin care. It cosmetics works with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons when making their products which is amazing. Even this contour kit has anti aging ingredients in it. Which is great, you’re not only wearing makeup to enhance or cover your skin your actually helping it as well so that pretty cool.

Now getting to the contour kit, first of all its completely different to any contour kit or contour powders that ive ever EVER used. The shades for a start are different, the texture of the powders are different EVERY thing is different.

The powders are pigmented, smooth, creamy and so easy to blend. These powders are not at all powdery, it’s quite strange, they work so beautifully because they literally look like skin, the contour I achieve with these is so natural. They also blend really easily. I’m absolutely In love. These powders are obviously longer wearing too, I noticed them stay on way longer than other powders I have used.

I was nervous to set my under eye area with the white shade as I usually use a banana shade to do this. It still worked great, it’s not powdery so caking up is basically impossible and because this powder sort of melts into the skin it’s not stark white. it doesn’t leave a white cast but still slightly brightens, not as much as a banana shade though.

The highlight is probably the only shade I wont use. It’s a beautiful white pearly – opal shade shimmer but its got to much white in it. This highlight would be gorgeous for fair-light skin colours but it only just works for my skin tone (atm light/medium usually medium) when swathed next to any other shade highlighter they all leave an amazing sheen or shimmer of different colours but this one leaves a massive white line. maybe I’m using this wrong but I guessed that because it had the opal shimmer it had to be a highlight right?
The bottom left hand shade is a beautiful bronzing shade as its
Warm toned, it blends nicely and I really can’t complain about it at all.
There is two very similar shades in this palette the middle two shades. One has slightly more pink to it than the other. The middle left powder is a little light for my skin tone, but if your pale this is your perfect grey based contour. My main contour shade is the middle row right. Yes it’s that grey brown you need for a contour but its like there’s a slight pink to it. It doesn’t throw warm at all on your skin but it’s just different from other grey based contour shades. I feel like with this powder it’s really hard to over do it. You don’t need to be a pro to use it.the darkest shade on the bottom row left is the shade it use to just deep my contour a little on the edges of my face. this is quite dark so this would be beautiful for dark skin tones.
Here you can see that contour shade I use compared to other popular contour shades. Its WAAAAAY  pinker grey next to Anastasia fawn and very similar next to  the Kat Von D shade. It does not throw that pink on your face, more natural grey. Im a medium skin tone with a yellow undertone and it works great for me. Funnily enough the Anastasia shade works perfectly to.
This contour kit could definately be used for both light and dark skin tones, the lighter skinned ladies may want to steer clear of the darkest shade and the darker skinned ladies may want to steer clear of the highlighter. Its really versatile.
Overall I really love this. I grab this for when I want to have a naturally sculpted contour. I would re purchase this for sure. Its unique and its versatile. This product really stands for what It Cosmetics stands for it creates a “better” version of you. Its so natural.
The brush works amazingly with the kit also. This brush makes me
Want ALL of the It Cosmetics brushes it’s so dam soft!! It’s probably the best quality brush ive ever used.
The down side to the palette for me is the packaging, its just not that pretty, the product inside is what matters though and the product is amazing. Also the highlighter its to stark white. The last issue is the availability, at the moment you can only get this in store at Sephora Sydney. This calls for patience on our behalf. I’m sure eventually Sephora Australia will have an online shop, this is the hope! This is going to be the palette I grab when I want to look like i naturally have amazing cheek bones and no double chin haha, it really does achieve this.
I have a full contour post planned reviewing all the most popular palettes and products, comparing them and letting you know which ones are worth your money. Is there a particular kit you want reviewed?
*I was sent those products for my consideration, no expectations. All thoughts and words are my own

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