22nd February 2017

Hi Friends! So I know a few of you are hanging out for this review because I’m a realist, I’m going to tell you whether or not this is worth it, I don’t get swept up in the Hype. I have deliberately not researched this palette (other reviews) and only followed Last week. I have seen this palette everywhere online and what I see is people love it…do I? Keep reading

In this beautiful palette you are getting 18 Shades including Mattes, Textured Metallic shimmers and a few softer shimmers. When Looking at this palette the Shades are gorgeous and really on trend. For me I know I’m probably only going to use a few of those Metallic shades in the top and the rest will just sit there.

When looking at this I’m guessing that these are all of the Shades Huda loves. So Even though For me its missing shades it’s not “Sorren Beauty” Its “Huda Beauty”. I would have loved a Chocolate Brown shimmer. Now a few of these shades are great and a few were completely underwhelming, which I never expected because everyone adores this palette, though like I said that’s only what I have seen on instagram I never researched this palette I wanted a fresh opinion.

I found these Shadows don’t last very well, no matter how I prepare my base using nothing, primer, concealer or setting powder. My Max wear on these is 6 hours. I expected the Mattes to be soft and smooth but they are quite drier than expected. They blend nicely but Of I do my makeup up at 7.30am its basically all gone by 12.30 (lunch time) . These are quite comparable to Ingot Matte Shadows.

A lot of the Metallics are quite hard to work with, you can pat on with your finger or use a wet flat brush But I just expected these to be smoother. The one that works the Best is 24k it’s quite smooth and easy to work with. Though I find it to be quite an ugly gold, it’s quite green based. I was disappointed in Rose gold for 2 reasons, the shade is not what Id expect for rose gold and it applies so chunky, I really dislike this formula.

The shades I am Most disappointed in are Bae, Flamingo, Angelic and Moondust. Angelic is so nice its a coral pink with gold reflect (think Nars Orgasm Blush) while it looks pretty its really hard to get that colour on your lids, it’s so sheer. Flamingo blends out to nearly nothing and Moondust is well pretty Lame for a light highlight shade, it barely shows. Bae is just pointless, with a shade like this I want to cover my entire lid with it to start with a blanc canvas, Think “Tempera” from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette it’s almost like a cream it covers your lid effortlessly, not Bae, its dry, hard to spread and has no colour payoff.

The Bottom row is My favourite I’ve been using Suede, Coco, Henna and Sandlewood everyday. Coco Is Beautiful, though it’s on the drier side and quite dark it still applies nicely, though I’m still dosappointed because these fade far to quickly.


LEFT TO RIGHT – Dubai, Fling, 24k, Rose Gold, Trust Fund & Angelic

LEFT TO RIGHT – #Blessed, Bossy, Flamingo, Shy, Bae & Moon Dust

LEFT TO RIGHT – Black Truffle, Suede, Coco, Man Eater, Henna and Sandalwood


I feel bad because this review is Mostly Negative, This is the first eye shadow palette Huda Beauty Has ever released and As its named “Rose Gold Edition” it leads me to believe there will be more editions. Meaning that this palette is the starting point and I’m sure that the ones to follow will be improved.

I am Disappointed Because this palette was so hyped up and made out to be perfect and its far from it. As a beauty blogger its important to give honest reviews for 2 reasons, so my followers dont waste their money or they know what they are spending their money on and So that brands know what and where to improve on, Brands read these reviews too and after all they do want to please the customer.

This is not the worst palette ever but it’s just nowhere near the standard I thought it would be at. If you want those warm tones the ABH MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE (review here) will be one for you or check out Zoeva (Reviews Here and Here), they have some awesome palettes and of course my fav Tarte cosmetics(Reviews Here and Here)!

I hope this was helpful, I try to be as honest as possible and test products as thoroughly as I can! Though for me this palette was a bit of a fail, the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipsticks are a completely different matter and you will want to read my review!! Stay tuned!!!

Thankyou for reading!

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*All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% Honest

  • Felicia Anastasia Bardan

    Oh gosh this is so freaking beautiful. And what sorcery have you cast to get such beautiful images? Gorgeous photos!

    • Aaaaw hahh you are so nice! I use a Sony A5000 and natural light xxx

  • Thank you for your honest review. My thoughts echo. I love the look of the palette however. But yes I prefer ABH MR! Beautiful captures.xo

    • Ah I was disappointed but I would still buy the next palette because im hopeful things will improve! Thankyou for reading lovely xxx

  • Great review babe. I swatched this palette in store and didn’t understand the hype around it. I was very underwhelmed. But like you said it’s a starting point I guess.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

    • Seriously frustrating because I have not seen one single negative review! Its alot of money too, almost $100 for us!

  • Beauty and the Ballroom

    Great post. I’ve not seen this yet but was looking forward to buying it 😬 Will definitely swatch it first now! 😂

  • Stephanie Ehmke

    Such a good post! I’ve seen such mixed reviews of this that I don’t think I’m going to take the plung and spend my money on this!
    -Stephanie |

  • Becomingtashh

    Don’t feel bad for having a negative review… if we only reviewed the things we loved, would we really be honest? I put off buying this just due to the reviews, and I am really glad I haven’t.

    x Tash /

    • Its disappointing but if your looking for a palette then the Tarte Pro palette is a lovely one, cheaper too xxx

  • Camille Owen

    So glad I’ve read this review. You’ve offically made up my mind that I don’t need it. Thanks Sorren x

    • Hey Camille! Im disappointed but I’m glad to be able to let you all know! Theres so many other amazing palettes out there like the Tarte Pro Palette xxxx


  • Nyobie White

    I honestly felt the same way about this Palette – it was quite underwhelming for the price but the couple of looks I have created with it, looked stunning.

  • Seeing these gorgeous shades make me feel excited for my ABH Modern Renaissance palette to finally get here. I am so glad I went for the ABH over the Huda palette. It’s a pity it disappointing you though. Great post and I love your honestly 🙂

    Emma |

    • Ah thankyou Emma x I much prefer the MR palette its got much better pigmentation and it has the Mauves and Browns I love xxx

  • Thank you for your review! I’ve heard only good reviews about this palette so it’s great to hear different opinions!!

  • Dan

    Bad Bad Bad decision to buy it and somehow i wanted to make my self clear!! I have never returned an Item to sephora but I cant help it. This seems sad to me 🙁 … package looks like a flea market make up, and the consistence of the shadows just make me doubt is good quality, the only one I really enjoyed was the black one :/ thats sad for the price, was expecting something great!! just advertisement