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EXCITED!!!! So I went shopping so naughty but I had saved this money for this moment!!! This was all bought from America using a shipping service! I used ! (Skip past the haul for shipping advice and experience at the end)FIRST MY SEPHORA GOODIES!!

This is sooo expensive! These powders are insane. Ive never felt something so soft in all my life!!! The yellow powder is beautiful and the contour looks perfect to its a grey brown so orange in sight!! I can’t wait to use it and with any of these products let me no if you want a review!
JACKYN HILL tells no lies this is so beautiful and so different and you can not over do it with this! it just looks like you have beautiful skin!! I love it!! It’s really hard to explain this its very different!
in ‘Melted Chihuahua’ $21 such a mean name haha! But I got this hoping it would be as mauve as the packaging. Its more of a brow rose sort of nude colour. So far I like it!
$21 this is my first Kat Von D lipstick! I’ve tried it on it’s a really nice colour! I like the formula it feels long wearing, it’s not creamy (which i like creamy lipsticks just slide right of) It does glide on easily and evenly but it feel like a longer wearing formula
in ‘Tan’ $20
This is a double ended cream contour stick. I should have got medium not tan i think. The contour side is a yellow based brown it’s not orange at all which is great. The highlight side is a darker yellow I’m a I can use it but I will give it a go!
$24 this has 8 shadows in it. And they are the best shades! These feel so soft I havent tried them on my eyes yet but I can’t wait. I don’t no if it got messed up in the post (it was in a big box full of padding) but It was a little messy and that top second shadow on the left is wonky! I don’t mind as long as the product is good I guess!
in “Fig” $16 This colour is so beautiful! Even prettier than my favourite Dose of colours matte liquid lip “stone”. It’s the best Mauve shade! It goes on beautifully it stays sort of glossy until it sets a bit. It sets lip at matte lipstick not like a matte
Liquid lipstick. Like It will stay well but you could wipe it off if you wanted, unlike a lot of matte liquid lips that cling to your lips and don’t transfer at all. If you took a drink this would transfer to the cup.
Heres a swatch because its soo nice
I did order Stila ‘patina’ that I’ve wanted FOREVER but it didn’t get ordered. Thats because within the couple of hours it takes between you filling out a buy for me form and them buying it for you, your product can sell out. That is a risk you take! I’ll just wait again till it restocks 🙂
A quick swatch of the Lip Colours Together
Ok so this was not a sponsored post but I was given some shipping credits (no strings attached and nothing signed with this company). As I’ve mentioned in the past Honesty is my first priority, I cant just do this for self gain I must have trust from my readers. I also after much thought I turned down a pretty cool opportunity so that I could keep that trust and honesty. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I loved this service and that It worked effectively and easily before I wrote about it or recommended it. I wanted to review the service without any Bias. So that’s just what I did!
I used . This is not the first shipping company ive used but straight away its the best. There is similar shipping services that you can use but going forward I will be going to use comgateway.
-great customer service
– quick and easy
-Email updates and easy to track your packages
– fast shipping (like 3-5 working days from america to WA and that’s NOT the express option)
-Go go 
– I signed up using my paypal
– your given an american address
– you can use a buy for me form where you type in the website then go forward to add you items one by one. It’s a 10% of your purchase price fee to use the buy for me form.
-Do one website at a time, so if you get 5 items from sephora complete your payment and then open a new buy for me form for example to buy from nyx cosmetics. You will get a confirmation email that your order for them to buy for you is placed. Then you will get an email from once the store has shipped your item to them to your address in America
– if you want to buy your self go straight to your website as you usually would and at check out where you put address put your american address (top left hand side of your account) you will not get  an order notification from you will get it straight from the store website
– use your own paypal or card
-using either the buy for me form or buying your self you will be updated when your orders arrive at your address
-You can choose to ship the first package that arrives or you can wait (up to 30 days) for your other packages (if there is more) and then have them repackaged and shipped together which is much more cost-effective
– its simple you go back on and proceed to pay for your shipping
– Once they ship your package your sent a confirmation email with a link that you just click on to easily track your package
– My Sephora packages were shipped on Wednesday the 27th in America and arrived on the 2nd of June to WA to my house. Keep in mind Monday was a public holiday here so it would have been here on Monday. Thats a ridiculously QUICK amount of time considering it can take 10 business days for Auspost to get a package to me from just Brisbane!
My over all experience was so positive and easy and stress free. It’s very simple and not at all scary!! If you get stuck all you need to do is email customer service. I have absolutely no complaints and I’ve just used again and for the first time didn’t use a buy for me form, very simple and so far my order is on track!
Any questions feel free to ask in the comments, I really hope this was easy to understand. It’s really not scary. At the moment the Australian Dollar isn’t great. But you can still save. I’m glad there is an option like this!
Thankyou for reading xx

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