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Hi!! So I hate the word ‘Haul” what even is a ‘Haul” but you guys know what It means so this is a “haul” I wanted to show you some things I’ve got lately like over the last few months, not to show off but maybe you might like to know where they are from etc! I’ve got makeup, fashion, kids clothes, shoes and little bits and pieces. I get a lot of questions on instagram so If I put it all up here you can just tap on the links! I’m going to include a few PR packages I’ve been sent, just a few small things, definitely not everything. This is the beauty/makeup part next will be the kids stuff then fashion etc, I had to break it up into parts because ill never get the whole post up in time!



First of Ill show you makeup, Thanks to all your support and love I scored my first paid blogging job! So I paid some boring bills and then decided to put money back into my blog by buying some new makeup to try from a couple of different stores!. I use COMGATEWAY to buy makeup from america, click HERE to see how!

I only got 2 things from Sephora!

 This is REALLY a cult favourite, it’s a dusty rose color. I have swatches below with some of the other lipsticks I got. So far so good!

 This is another cult favourite! I’m A stooge so I got the small size for $16 USD its quite a lot of product though! I just wasn’t ready to Jump in and buy the big size for $42!

I wanted to try some liquid lipsticks from LA Splash, Like 2 days after I ordered their factory burnt down! lucky timing for me, but such a horrible thing to happen (no one was hurt) So they have a few different options with different coloured lids, there’s Lip Tint Mousse with pink lids, Liquid Lipstick with Gold lids and Water proof lip lustre with silver lids but let me tell you lol they are all exactly the same, matte liquid lip sticks. So what ever the lid colour you’re getting the same thing which is good with me because I love the formula! I got


Search discount codes! I did I think I got 10 % off 🙂

SWATCHES ( will also have some extra swatches at the bottom)

I HAD to get this highlight and you know me I had like a 20% discount code so I got 2!! YES I DID! I got one for you guys! Giveaway details at the bottom! How pretty is this!!!!! and omg so far its the best highlight I’ve ever used in my life!! so pretty I thought it would be to gold but nope just that perfect sheen!!!!

I have been curious about NARS Audaciious lipsticks for so long! Anna was really popular is a mauve shade! Dominique was way more popular so it was aways sold out but I got it!!! yap! these are really creamy and not matte but SO EXPENSIVE these are like $38 USD umm what?? yes! its crazy MAC are $16 USD so its double those!!! I don’t know if they are worth it yet, I can keep you updated if you like!

I had never shopped of the Lorac site before and I had my eye on this lipstick for over a year! the main one is goddess which is nearly identical to Nars dominique! and I got secret agent a brown toned dusty rose!! YEAAAH!

Here’s some swatches!

these two are nearly Identical!! Lorac goddess has a slight mauve undertone and is matte, Dominique is more creamy!

Here is a comparison of some of my new liquid lipsticks, very similar!


I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely package from Poni Cosmetics! First I LOVE their packaging! I’m still Trying out the Brow Magic and the Mascara but I do have thoughts on the brush and the contour kit.


So far this is a gorgeous little palette. A few things the “Contour Shade” I would never use as a contour or a bronzer. You can see it’s really shimmery (ill put swatches below) For me and most people contour shades need to be a matte grey based brown colour. This is a BEAUTIFUL highlight shade though from medium to dark skin tones. I’m a light/medium shade and this is a beautiful bronze/gold highlight. If your lighter skin you may want to use this as a really shimmery bronzer. The blush colours are really nice, you can mix them together or wear alone. The actual highlight is really pretty sort of very subtle white gold sheen. Overall I’m impressed but it’s not got a contour shade that I can use, for me its more of a blush and highlight palette 🙂

Here you can see the “Contour” shade is actually a gorgeous bronze gold shimmer highlight


This is a great little brush. It’s a little to dense for the whole cheek bone contour, I like it for deepening up my contour closest to the edge of my face, if you contour your nose you NEED this brush!!!

I have been trailing lots of Antipodes products lately and the three below have quickly become my favourites. I use them EVERY DAY and my skin is clearer than ever! Antipodes is made in New Zealand (yasss) , Certified organic and vegetarian. This is the skincare you choose if you want to take the natural toxin free way and you don’t want to sacrifice quality. I’m really have with my products.


This is my FAV its a thick balmy butter cleanser. at the end of the day i grab out about a 5 cent piece size and rub it all over my face. It takes of all makeup and doesn’t sting my eyes. Buy this time I have major panda eyes so I jump in the shower and cleanse my face wit the * which is so gentle this just takes off the excess balm and the panda eyes are gone (you could use any cleanser but I’m loving this) My skin has cleared up dramatically. After this my skin sort of feels a little waxy, I then exfoliate with * and my face is smooth and clean, no makeup at all left. At first I was like ok cool this is natural its great but I coulnt feel it working (I’m a girl who likes foaming cleansers and rough exfoliators like I need it too instantly feel like its working) I kept using it anyways and after 2 weeks I can see a dramatic different in my skin. Really happy (priceline and the store I’ve linked has 20% atm)


As far a I know this is Exclusive to Sephora, If you’re in sydney you can get it! or If you do an American Sephora shop you could get it. I love the bottle it’s so stylish, The scent is so different for me. I’m pretty immature with my perfumes I guess, I like sweet fruity or candy smells. For example Nicki Minaj and Juicy Couture. This is a really sophisticated scent Floral and citrus I think. every time I’ve ever worn it I get compliments, it changes to a sweeter smell on my skin so I’m happy!


I’m Sooooo Impressed with this! So many companies for so long have been getting bronzing and contouring sticks wrong and so orange. This is perfect its the perfect bronze, not to orange not to shimmery, it goes on like a perfect powder bronzer would, like a veil of sun-kissed bronzer. I love it!!

In my swatch Below I’ve just wiped it straight along my arm and then softly blended one edge, you can see its a beautiful colour. Im loving Laura Mercier and will have post soon all about it!


As a thank you for your support, I got an extra Laura Geller Guilded Honey highlight and I want to give it away!



– Open internationally

– Over 18 (as per instagram rule)

-Tag 3 friends on the pic thats on my Instagram

– Must follow me on instagram 

– Ends 26 July 6pm AEST

– Account Must be public between when comp finishes and winner is announced so  I can see your entry

– No giveaway or spam accounts

– Extra Entry if you comment below what your current fav highlighter is, or which you’ve been wanting to try

– Any rules broken or any drama you will be disqualified

Have fun! I can’t wait o see who wins! entries as always will be put into the random number generator!

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