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Well Hello!! This post is a brand focus all about ! If you follow my  you’ve seen I’ve been trailing these products! I first saw gorgeous cosmetics on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You see Kim and Kylie swatch the “Ever Metallic” Palette in one of the episodes. Now you don’t have to be a Kardashian fan (I’m not I just love reality tv haha) to be convinced but they do always have really great makeup so when I saw how impressed they were I knew i had to find out what palette they were looking at.

 Is an Australian brand that is prominently available in Australia, America and some parts of Asia and Europe.

Today I am reviewing a few things that I chose from the Australia Gorgeous Cosmetics website. I already owned the Contour palette from a collab I did with Ry.com.au. I love that palette so I was really excited to collab with  on this post.

Everytime I want to try a new brand I always go for a foundation. Now this is $55 so it’s in the “High End” Price range. I like this foundation, I’ve used it probably 4 times. It never separates, never goes oily and never oxidises. The things I like most is that it gives a very natural finish while giving a medium coverage. This foundations blends really well. The only down side is that kit clings to REALLY dry patches, I get dry around the corners of my nose and it clung to those patches but sat really  nicely over just normal dry skin .Any skin type could wear this foundation. It has Vitamin A & E so thats a bonus, Plus there is a really large shade range!

This is a really great cc cream. It’s a light coverage but it has enough pigment to even out your skin tone really nicely. It’s a no fuss product, you can apply this however you want and it will look  nice. It seems to blend into your skin really nicely, it doesn’t sit on top like a tinted moisturizer or bb cream it sort of becomes one with your skin, another thumbs up from me.

Even though the name says “Liquid” It’s not a liquid liner it’s a Gel Pencil. This pencil is BLACK so so black and so creamy. it glides on so easily. You have to be careful to use it lightly because it’s so pigmented. I love this to tight line or for above my lash line. It smudges out effortlessly but once its in place it stays. Except for my waterline, it does smear easily off these, but EVERYTHING does.

I have the shade “Sand Shimmer” I love this. It’s a light golden champagne shade. you could use this as a highlight if your medium or darker skin, or choose a lighter shade. This is gorgeous on the eyes also I just spray my brush a little with a setting spray and dip it in and pat the product onto my eyes or use it lightly for a bit of shimmer.l

I LOVE THIS! FIRSTLY these powders ARE BEAUTIFUL! all of the things you want in a shadow they are so pigmented and smooth and just sit on the skin so nicely. Some powders are so soft they feel like a cream when you swatch them. These powders are all the same size as the eyeshadows so they can double up as face powders, blushes, eyeshadows and contour etc. This palette is expensive BUT as an example the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette is $66 AUD the powders in that palette are a little smaller and there is only 6. This palette has HUGE pans the shades in here make this palette very versatile for fair to darker skin tones. There are 3 contour shades, 3 blushes and 2 setting powders. There are not shimmery Highlights in this palette

TOP ROW – Left to Right – Potato Cake, True Taupe, Matte Tan and Dusk Rose

Potato Cake is my shade of choice for setting the underage area, because its so silky it never cakes up it just sets really nicely with a very subtle brightening effect. True taupe is that warmer matte sun kissed bronzer shade, I really like this for bronzing. Matte Tan works really nicely as a burnt orange sort of peachy blush (really pretty). Dusk Rose has a really gorgeous sheen to it, it leaves that natural flush on your cheeks.

BOTTOM ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Nude, Smudge, Fudge and Mocha.

Nude is another gorgeous undereye setting powder, I like to mix this with Potato cake sometimes. The two setting powders aren’t heavily pigmented so they set really nicely. Smudge is a really grey toned brown. Perfect for contouring creating that natural shadow. Dude is a dark brown powder which is great for deepening a contour or for women with darker skin. Mocha is one of my favourites, it’s a cool toned darkish purple mauve. I love blushes this colour especially on tanned or darker skin.

This palette is the one made famous by keeping up with kardashians. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PALETTE!!  The pans are huge and the shades are so great! I really love this!!

TOP ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Ivory Light, Silver Hue, Beautiful and Monique

Ivory Light is a subtle white shimmery shade, Silver hue is a shimmery light blue silver, Beautiful is one of my favourites its a light mauve with a silver sheen, Monique is a medium brown with a silver hue.

BOTTOM ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Dune, So Nice, Golden Kiss and Gold Digger

Dune is the prettiest shade its a light shimmery beige sand colour, So nice is a light peachy golden shimmer. Golden Kiss is a light orangey goldy colour and Gold digger is a coppery brown colour. Again all beautiful soft shadows.

This ever matter palette is  really versatile. you have the Matt it can always be used as a liner, two of the shades are the same as the setting powders from the contour palette, you have a shade perfect for bronzing and shades that you can use for blush as well as obviously they can all be used for a great eye look.

TOP ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Potato Cake, Smudge, True Taupe and Mocha (all in the contour palette)

Of course Ive already described these shades under the contour palette. Only difference is Smudge. In the contour palette is a matte grey based brow and in this palette its the same shade but it has a sheen so I’m not sure if the formula was changed.


This palette is great you have 4 blush shades, 2 shimmery Highlights and 2 matte setting powders/highlights  (Potato cake and nude)

TOP ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Potato Cake, Nude, Peach Glow and Rhubarb

Potato cake and Nude are the same shades from the contour palette and the Ever Matte Palette. Peach glow is a pretty matte pinky peach shade with very subtle shimmers though it and Rhubarb is warm bright rose with a subtle sheen

BOTTOM ROW – LEFT TO RIGHT – Natural, Toffee Shine, Sesame and Apples (Such cute names)

Natural is a creamy shade with subtle shimmer and small flecks of glitter through out, Toffee shine is a light gold with a sort of duo chrome effect it has that opal sheen that sort of refects pink and gold, Sesame is a toned down orange (great for blush) and Apples is so soft and pigmented it’s a fluorescent coral!

That concludes my mini review and swatches! in this picture I have on the Base Perfect Liquid foundation, potato cake to set under my eyes, A mixture of true taupe and smudge to contour and bronze, Peach Glow for blush, natural for a slight highlight and I used the pencil to tightline to make my lashes look thicker. On my lips is ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS SEPIA


I Hope this post was helpful, I know these prices are quite high this is a highend brand. If you NEED anything from this line it think its either the Ever Matte palette, the Ever metallic palette or the Contour palette!!

Thankyou for reading!!!

*this is not a sponsored post, the products were sent to me in exchange for my honest opinion and review.


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