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Hello Friends! A Jewellery Post today! The ROSE GOLD OBSESSION continues! I need rose gold makeup, clothing, stationary, homewares and Jewellery I just love it. When I Got and Email from The Peach box I jumped on their site and just automatically found things I loved. I wanted to show you what I picked and I have a 15% off discount code for you guys until the end of september ( It’s not and affiliate code, I won’t make any money from it, The Peach Box just thought my readers might like a discount… um yes, we always like a discount code don’t we!! (haha)

Here are the three things I chose, and look they are all Rose Gold and so is my Bomber Jacket hehe.

This watch is so pretty! I love the huge face (40mm) and the Mesh band is Stainless steel. This watch is Rose gold (of course). Another awesome thing to note is that this watch if adjustable and the band is quite long, so the biggest to the smallest wrist can wear this. If you use the 15% discount code ( this will end up being $169.15. I think this would be the PERFECT gift for a 21st or anniversary as it looks good on everyone, it’s also pretty Hardy as its water-resistant (not water proof) and the glass face is Hardened mineral Crystal Glass.

This little bracelet is so cute. It’s really dainty and would make the best gift. This Little Bracelet is also adjustable so nearly anyone could wear it!

This Bangle looks really nice alone or especially with a watch. With the Discount this would work out the be $35.70

Ever Since receiving these they are my go-to when I going somewhere nice, or even leaving the house to do anything besides shopping and school pick up. They just look effortlessly nice. Remember if you are going to do any shopping on then use my code and you will get 15% off. They have heaps of different things and not just rose gold finishes. Tag me in your pictures and let me know what you choose and how you style it! with Christmas coming up soon I think you should definitely keep these in mind for gift Ideas!

Thankyou for Reading guys! IF you want more Jewellery or Fashion posts let me know!

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*this post contains No affiliate links, these items were gifted to me by The Peach Box for Review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own


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