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Welllll Hellllo!!! As you can tell this review is all about the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra – Matte Liquid lipsticks in the Shades Invasion, Iced Mocha, Cher and Ecstasy.  I googled and googled and found it hard to come across a detailed and in-depth review about this product or a review that wasn’t from an affiliate. I purchased these product for two reason 1 – The colours looked  beautiful, 2- I wanted to be the person that gave you the honest and detailed review that I know a lot of people have been looking for. If your just looking for swatches then skip down to the pictures and if you want to hear more about my thoughts on the company, shipping and the actual products the keep reading.


God I was so sceptical, I was ready to dislike these. BUT man I love them. This is such a fricken good formula. It is sort of similar to the feeling of the Original ABH formula, Its sort of thick but not completely moussey. These take between 2-5 minutes to fully dry on me. And they are extremely comfortable to wear. I had absolutely no cracking, crumbling or flaking. These dried completely matte yet felt so so soft on the lips. I did find with these you get that inner rim contrast in your lips but I’m not too worried. These fade off beautifully too. I found that they stay on great while drinking but they do wear of somewhat on the inner parts of your lips after eating (I have never used a liquid lipstick that DOESNT do this, they all do on me). I find the applicsater ok, it’s again very similar to the ABH one, I prefer the Jeffree Star or Dose Of Colors applicator, they hug the lips better these ones are quite stiff. I find that with one swipe you can completely coat your entire lips, but I like to get more product to make sure that they are fully covered or it can dry a little thin. This formula for me its better than the ABH formula but not as good as DOSE OF COLORS or Jeffree Star.


Now before I jump into the products I want to share my thoughts on the company because I know a lot of my friends and fellow beauty bloggers are curious. Now there is a shit load of controversy surrounding Gerard Cosmetics. I won’t get into that but I’m sure you can google it and find something (keep in mind not everything you read on google is true). I never get too involved with any sort of drama because we never really know the whole story. I did find the comments that were snap chatted from the owner (that I saw with my own eyes) distasteful and It made me feel a little weird about the company but I didn’t really care (not much phases me, I’m not the type of person to get worked up over something minor that doesn’t directly effect me or someone I love). Also I mean I’m sure we have all said something we shouldn’t have when we were annoyed or upset, but as an owner of a company I found it quite unprofessional. Now the thing that did annoy me was that there were a few claims that when becoming and affiliate people had to sign something that said they couldn’t say anything bad about the products or the company. I do not know this first hand, I do not have proof so this is just what I have seen from youtube videos. I do know that lots of companies do this when you become an affiliate because I have been asked to sign these sorts of papers and have declined EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now the reason I decline is because I never want to sign away my right to give you the honest truth. With that being said that DOES NOT mean that their affiliates are dishonest, I know some of these girls and they genuinely love and adore these products so they are still being honest. I just feel like IF these is such a thing that is signed you never know the honest from the dishonest. This is why I stopped buying Gerard Cosmetics for quite a while because all of my fav you tubers raved about the products so I got them (the first lipsticks and glosses) and I honestly didn’t really like them that much. they were ok, but not as AMAZING as everyone mentioned and I found my self always wondering why they weren’t working for me but they were working so well for every youtuber. So the thing I find hard when it comes to Gerard Cosmetics is that I find it hard to believe any of the reviews. I did apply to be an affiliate so that I could read theT&Cs for my self but I never heard back…awkwarddd haha. Overall Keep in mind though we never ever know whats really going on, all we know is what people want to show us so we have to make our own decisions. I decided to purchase the Hydra – Mattes because the curiosity was killing me, I mean the Colours are Gorgeous as is the Packaging so I just HAD TO HAVE THEM. Also I just really wanted to be the person that gives the best and the most honest review ever. SO if you’ve been unsure about this company or these specific products then keep reading!


God this is the worst shipping EVER. I mean it took 8 weeks and 3 days for my order to arrive, like WHAT! I mean that’s just crazy. By the time it had been 7 weeks I contacted customer service. On the website it says that it takes 2-4 days to process your order the 2-3 weeks shipping outside of the US. When I contacted Customer service they informed me that it can take 4+ weeks. But here’s the thing, you can easily find an affiliate code with Gerard cosmetics and they almost always come with free shipping, so they are probably using the most inexpensive shipping options. What would you prefer to pay a little extra for fast shipping? or the get it for free and wait ages? I mean Dose Of Colors Usually only takes around 1-2 weeks MAX and their shipping is under $20. So what I’ve found is you pay less but the shipping does take longer.


I’ve gotta give it to Gerard Cosmetics their customer service was Excellent, Really efficient and Really friendly and helpful. What happened when I contacted them they asked me to check my post office, I did and no package. SO they apologised and Re-Shipped my order. unfortunately two of the original colours I ordered where no longer in stock so I chose another two. they also gave me a huge discount to use that expired after a few days so I didn’t get the chance to use it. After nearly another 2 weeks my original package finally arrived. Customer service replied within 12 hours every time and they were really helpful in trying to make sure I was satisfied so  i definitely appreciate that.


The packaging is so pretty I really love it. Its got a frosted plastic bottle and a gold lid with the Brand Name witten in black. I have tried pretty hard to scratch it off but it doesn’t seem to budge. If you own Anastasia Liquid lips you know the pretty gold detailing on the bottle rubs completely off after a while I don’t think that will happen with the lid of these. Really like this packaging, I can’t find any info about the amount of product in the bottle but I’m sure its quite a lot less that Anastasia Beverly hills, Jeffree Star and Stila Liquid lipsticks because the bottle in comparison is quite a lot smaller.


LEFT TO RIGHT – Invasion, Iced Mocha, Cher and Ecstasy. I mean LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE!

Here is a comparison of the colour freshly applied and when it is dry, as you can see it darkens 2 maybe three shades once dry. STILL DAM BEAUTIFUL. Left is Wet and Right is Dry.

God this colour is so dam gorgeous. Its Sort of Similar to Trap By ColourPop and Sort of similar to Other Greige shades but it’s not. It’s on the same shade scale but it has more Mauve, And More lavender undertones. It’s so beautiful. Don’t be mean my skin was HORRIBLE this day.

Again so pretty. I love this shade too. I can’t fault it. I looked through my HUGE liquid lipstick collection and I can not find a dupe. These colours are in their own legue. Below you will see that I swatch it next to ABH Sepia and they are totally different, This one has less grey and more brown. I had been searching for a colour like this!! it’s a brown with a mauve undertone.

Here I go Again I LOVE THIS COLOUR!!!!! it’s so so so good! Again I tried to find a dupe, I swatched it near ABH Trust Issues, Stila Patina etc etc and it’s just its own shade. It’s a darker dusty Mauve with a more berry undertone.

My god it’s just perfect. I love this colour. It swatches like it’s just a shade lighter than Cher but it’s so different. It dries like a really purple Mauve. It’s just beautiful. Again I couldn’t find a dupe, keep in mind I have over 50 liquid lipsticks and couldn’t find a match so this is so impressive because most brands you can find at least 1-2 dupes of EACH shade. These are so Individual!!


In these swatches I was looking for some dupes or similar shades. They are really different. All of the shades I added I can find exact dupes for them, But the Gerard Cosmetics colours are very unique.


I would BUY THESE I am so happy I did. The formula is great. Do keep in mind that these are smaller than other liquid lipsticks so you may run out quicker. Do not buy these for the $20 on the website, check out their instagram or google discount codes, I think I got my 4 for like $48 and free shipping so definitely do a bundle deal and ALWAYS use a coupon code!!


  • unique shade selection
  • great formula
  • great price
  • beautiful packaging
  • Gluten Free
  • cruelty free
  • Made in the USA
  • beautiful colours
  • great customer service


  • Shipping is crap, it takes forever
  • Smaller tube

I hope you found this review helpful. I tried to include every single piece of information that I could. Overall I’m really happy, I would love to know if you’ve tried these and what you thought!


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