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Hey guys!! Sorry for the long break, Ive had some life stuff going on and just haven’t had the passion to write about makeup. But I’m back and Im here to review the Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced you may have seen on my I that this arrived last week and right now ill tell you I am Disappointed. I don’t hate it but for the price I paid ($72 AUD) it is totally not worth it. When I first opened it and the smell of peach came flooding out and I saw the pretty palette I was like I LOVE IT!! But the more I put the shadows to the test the more my opinion changed. Keep reading for my review and swatches!

Now this palette was SO hyped up! You know the usual, alot of people talking about its amazing pigmentation and soft shadows and its buttery and so on. Now I immediately thought “well too faced must have changed their shadow formulas”. I thought this because I owned the Original Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette, and while it was a nice palette it wasnt anything special and definitely didn’t feel like a $72 Palette so I sold it. Now when my Sweet Peach Palette arrived I had such high hopes. But to be honest with you, the shadows compare to Morphe Shadows. And I’ve said in the past Morphe Shadows are really inconsistent , some are great, some are smooth and some are crap. The same goes for this Sweet Peach Palette. And very similar to Morphe the Metallic shimmer shades are great while a few of the Mattes struggle. Now if I paid $20 for this palette I would be so happy with it and I would just ignore the Crap shades. But for the price I expect the shadows to all be of a good quality. The tin packaging is really cute, it’s just gorgeous and is totally inline with Too Faced Typical cute quirky signature packaging. The mirror inside the palette is crap. Its cheap and They really should have just not added a mirror at all if they were going to add a crap plastic mirror surrounded by a cardboard peach print. I have Cheap ELF Palettes that have crystal clear beautiful glass mirrors. So if a $12 ELF blush quad can have such a beautiful mirror I definitely expect that a $72 Too Faced Palette would have a mirror that was usable.
The Shadows smell like peach. And not in A bad way. I got the palette and could smell hits of peach through the box. I really love it. The shade range is quite nice though not as many Peach based shades as I Expected. There are so many different Looks you can creat with this palette from peachy spring time looks to really dark vampy smokey eyes. Now I know this review is so far seeming quite negative but I am sick of trusting in reviews that I read or see only to be let down and wonder why these things haven’t been pointed out as often.
I love Too Faced, I just do not love their eyeshadows, they are not at the standard they should be for the price.
WHITE PEACH – “A light Beige With warm yellow undertones and a satin finish” This shade is nice, I like it a lot for the brow bone as it’s not to sparkly but has a nice sheen and it’s not to pigmented that it glows white on my medium skin tone
LUSCIOUS – “Muted Medium Coppery Brown with warm undertones and a metallic finish” This shade is my favourite. it’s so pretty, it’s so soft it feels like a cream and the pigmentation is awesome!
JUST PEACHY – “A Medium Rosy pink with warm undertone and a gold shimmery finish” This colour is so beautiful it does remind me a lot of Nars Orgasm Blush. It swatches beautifully but I can not get it to go nicely on the lid. I was really disappointed with this shade when trying to apply it. Its so weird because when swatches with your fingers it’s so pigmented and smooth but you just can not get that to translate to the lid!
BLESS HER HEART – “A Muted medium dark Olive with warm brown undertones and a frosted finish” This shade is really pretty. It’s another shade though that swatches really pigmented but goes on your lids pretty sheer. I really don’t wear shades like this so It’s definitely a miss for me as its doesn’t pack a punch for pigmentation at all.
TEMPTING – ” A Blackened brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen” This one is actually and amazing black. It has awesome pigmentation and its great in the place of eyeliner, it isn’t the best to blend on bare skin, you might need to use a primer on the lid with this. I was quite impressed by this one as you know a good black can be hard to find. This one is pretty smooth when blacks can be quite stiff.
CHARMED IM SURE – “A Muted Medium dark brown Subtle warm undertones and a matte finish” This ones ok, I have no problem with it, it’s not wow but it’s a nice shade and i have no problem with its blend ability or pigmentation.
As you can see Tempting and Luscious are clear standouts for this row. Tempting is BLACK as black and Luscious is just so pretty!!
NECTAR – “A light medium golden-yellow with warm undertones and a frosted finish” I really liked this shade. It’s a very subtle sheen. You don’t see a lot of colour but on my medium skin tone using this on the brow bone it’s SO PRETTY because it’s just a gentle sheen with a slight peachy yellow reflect. I really like it, though it’s not a wow shade.
COBBLER – “A medium dark reddish-brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen” – This shade is another favourite of mine, its a really pretty no fuss sort of colour. Its blends nicely and has got good pigmentation but not too much that you need to use it sparingly.
CANDIED PEACH – “Muted Medium orange with a hint of pink and a smattering of pink micro glitter” I don’t like this shadow. This was another disappointment for me. It’s a total let down. I shared on my snapchat swatches of this vs. a cheap ELF blush that was around the same colour and the ELF blush had way better pigmentation and blend ability. I also compared it to a makeup geek shadow in a similar shade and again this one just doesn’t compare., This should not be in a palette that cost me over $70, just not exceptable, Not only does it not look nice and it’s not nice to work with it feel rough and cheap.
BELLINI – ” A light medium peachy pink with a warm golden shimmer and a frosted finish” – Again another GREAT shadow. This one is a lot like Luscious in texture. It’s just really soft and beautiful to work with. This is the type of quality i expect from a palette at this price.
PEACH PIT – “A Dark reddish-brown with warm undertones and a pearly shimmer-sheen finish” Again being a Shimmery sort of shade it’s quite nice, smooth and a good shadow. Not as soft as Bellini or luscious though
DELECTABLE – “A dark purple burgundy with warmer undertones and a satin finish” – I don’t know what it is with purple shades in this palette but Too Faced needs to get it together.This shade is crap. It aligns to dry patches that you never knew you had and nearly blends away to nothing in other places. Really a terrible quality eyeshadow.
PEACHES ‘N CREAM – “Light yellowed peach with a matte finish” – This ones nice I use it as an all over lid sort of base colour. It’s quite powdery compared to the others, It’s also very similar to “Beaches and Cream” by Makeup geek.
GEORGIA – “A medium peachy orange with warm undertones and a matte finish” This colour to me has a sort of mauve undertone to it also. It’s a crap colour. Barely any pigmentation, the colour payoff is nearly non-existent and it isn’t good to work with. this colour is a total fail.
CARAMELIZED – “Medium Dark warm toned bronze with a frosted sheen” – This shade is lovely. Definitely drier than the other shimmery shades but it still has great pigmentation and blends out really nicely. A great shade.
PUREE – “A muted medium caramel brown with warm reddish tones and a matte finish” – I quite like this shade. It’s not that great to work with it doesn’t blend as well as some of the other shades but I find you can get it to work and it does has nice pigmentation and lasting powder.
SUMMER YUM – “A medium dark red-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish” I like this shade also. It did have a bit of fall out but it blends quite nicely. I does tend to sheer out during blending though but it’s not an issue as you can build it up nicely.
TALK DERBY TO ME – “A blackened purple with a satin sheen and fine sparkle” – This shade is really drier than the other shades. it looks so dark but goes on quite sheer. It’s probably a good colour if you are a little scared of darker colours and want to go in slowly. You do have to be careful when building it up though as it can get patchy.
my main point is that the price of the Palette does not line up with the quality. I do wish I had not have broken my spending ban for this one and my opinion is that It’s not worth the money. It’s so inconsistent, some shades are AMAZING and more than a few are TERRIBLE. There are some amazing palettes available or beautiful shades that you can purchase close to these ones. These shadows are in no way the worst, some of them are lovely but they are just inconsistent and they shouldn’t be for the price. I love the concept and I love the originality of the palette.
I have seen mixed reviews about this palette on social media some people saying they love it and some people saying they are really disappointed in it. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts! It’s always interesting to hear what other people think! And always remember this is just my opinion, others opinions could differ but this is how I experienced the palette that I got.
Thankyou for reading, Next I will have a review on the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” Palette and let me tell you that palette has very consistently nice shadows!!
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