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Hi Guys! I am pretty excited to share with you some beautiful Bracelets and charms from  I am OBSESSED with these, I love that it’s a  GREAT present and that you can have charms that symbolise everything special to you. I have collaborated with Michael Hill jewellers for this post which is exciting as these are pieces I have also purchased. Keep reading to see my charms and hear about the bracelets!

From I decided to choose the  Charm Bracelet with the Infinity clasp and a few of my favourite looking charms. The first thing a lot of you will be thinking is it’s a similar concept to Pandora bracelets and charms. I’m not a brand girl, I’m about more than that. What sells me is quality, price, availability and choice. 

With you are spoiled for choice. When choosing charms I wanted to go with silver and decided I wanted charms that symbolised or represented important things in my life.
As a lot of you may know I am part Maori and from New Zealand so the first charm I looked for was something to represent that. had a really gorgeous selection. The piece that I was most excited about was the .

This charm is Currently $49 which is such a great price for a Beautiful charm. This is by far my favourite and the Diverse collection Emma & Roe offers is impressive.

A year ago I lost my mum in an accident and I of course wanted something to represent my love for my mum. There is a lot to choose from, I picked two. The first was a  with a little gold bow for $79.

Then I picked a  for $35. Both have meaning and I really love.
Next for $39 I chose a charm that said . My Dad survived the accident my parents were in. I needed to have a charm that represented how lucky we are to have him.

I also picked the  for $49 to represent my dad.

I then chose a little bead with the Letter “C” for $35. “C”is the first initial of my Fiances name. He is the love of my life and definitely needed to be on my bracelet.

I am so excited to fill my bracelets up and the choice for charms is just huge! Next I want to get some charms that represent my 5 children.

Another awesome thing too note is provides after pay. Which for me is a godsend! Sometimes a birthday, anniversary or event might pop up and you havent budgeted for it, after pay allows you to buy something you like and pay it off over 4 smaller payments.


Shipping is really quick from the site also. My order arrived in just 3 days. If you don’t like shopping online just head to a Michael Hill jeweler near you.


I actually don’t have any complaints about the Emma & Roe Bracelets or charms. The pricing is great, you can choose Silver, Gold or Rose Gold. I love the pricing, the fast shipping and the option of Afterpay. All of the components make purchasing from Michael Hill quick and easy with being Spoilt for choice!
Thankyou for reading, let me know if you have shopped before! Next I have my eye on the stacker rings!

*this post was sponsored. This post does not contain affiliate links. Products in this post were both gifted and Purchased separately by me. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.