Dose Of Colors Terra Collection Swatches & Review

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Hello lipstick lovers!
 came out with a limited edition 3 pack of their liquid lipsticks called “The Terra Collection” for $58 USD. The collection included
Brick, Stone and Sand. I HAD to get this because of the colour Stone, swatches id seen online looked beautiful.  (CLICK HERE FOR UPDATED SWATCHES AND COLLECTION)

So far I love these, so comfortable to wear, very velvetty! COMPLETELY matte! But the formula isnt drying and certainly doesn’t crack! It Stays on all day, not matter if I eat or drink its awesome. If you want to touch up and add another layer it just blends in beautifully and sets again to a beautiful mate finish.

This collection is completely sold out online, lucky for us Dose Of Colors has announced the three colours are coming back permanently to be sold separately.

Daaaaayum this colour on me is Geordie shore concealer lips heaven haha. Alone this does not suit me UNLESS this is the type of look that you like 🙂
I’m a medium skin tone and this totally blanks out my lips. I had researched these colours and I knew this. The reason I was still excited to buy it was because it’s a beautiful colour to mix into other liquid lipsticks to lighten them. It mixes in with other colours beautifully, I will show you below.

MY LAAAAAAWD this is the best colour of LIFE! This is a true Sorren colour. It’s every thing ive ever wanted haha. It’s the perfect mauve colour. It’s perfect for lipstick wimps its just beautiful! I have found sooo many dupes but this is the best in this shade that I’ve ever tried!

The name says it all, its brick-red. It’s so nice for Autumn, this one is the most long wearing, so beautiful.

here is an example of brick with sand mixed into it to make a whole new shade. Its a light berry shade. Really wearable and depending on how much brick you add it can be darker or lighter.

SAND & STONE: I added a tiny bit of stone to this to make a slightly darker, pink nude. I love mixing Lipsticks to create what colour I want.


These 3 are the best dupes I think.
TOASTED ALMOND by Aroma Beauty is a shade lighter, and not as opaque is a beautiful liquid lipstick and a great option if you want something a little lighter.
THALIA by Nyx Cosmetics Is an exact dupe on the lips just in creamy lipstick form. If you don’t want to wear a liquid lipstick this is the one you want!

There are so many lipsticks that are a similar shade. If anyone wants a post full of over 15 dupes or close alternative let me no in the comments!
The Main thing I like about these is they are so comfortable to wear and they just stay on all day without flaking or smudging. While doing your skin care before you do your makeup put some lip balm on. Then when it comes time to do your lips they will be soft and not dried so matte lipsticks go on nicer.

Hope this was helpful if your wanting to buy these! I used and American shipping service to buy these from the . If you would like to know how ti use a service and which is best let me no so I can also do a post on that!

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