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Hi!! Its been awhile since my last post but life has been extra hectic lately! I’ve finally got my  post up! I love these Matte Liquid lipsticks. This is THE BEST Liquid Lipstick formula in equal first with the Jeffree Star formula. I have swatches and review of 3 out of the 4 new shades plus four of the older shades. This formula is completely matte yet NOT drying at all. These shades are so unique and I absolutely can not at all pick something wrong with these.

I have the shades Sand, Desert Suede, Truffle, Stone, Chocolate Wasted, Brick and Cork All Shades that I completely love. Dose of Colors ships internationally which is always awesome. The shipping from America to Australia takes around a week (awesome) and was $13.75 USD which is $19.23 AUD. Its more than I would like to pay for shipping but compared to other American Shipping and how fast the package arrived I’m really happy with it. For those of you who would like to know these are Paraben free, cruelty free, Vegan and Gluten free so that’s always great too. My first Dose Of Colors Liquid lipstick were Stone, Sand and Brick (don’t you love the names) they were together in a pack called “The Terra Collection ” My original review is HERE. I recently purchased Truffle and then Cork, Chocolate Wasted and Desert Suede. I’m loving every single one of them and I recommend these to everyone. IF you would Like a full review and swatches keep reading!!

This colour alone, I hate. Haha. I am a medium skin tone (L’Oréal W3, Mac NC 25) and this is literally the most washed out nude ever, I mean look at it!!! With all of this being said I think this would be a nice nude on very fair skin. It’s also a great nude to mix in with ANY liquid lipstick that you want to lighten or its great to use for a ombre lip. But on me the colour is crap, though it’s a beautiful formula (as they all are)

This is my favourite nude liquid lipstick! If you have fair skin this is going to be a darker brown nude with a peach undertone. For medium skin it’s a gorgeous peachy brown based nude and for Dark skin this is a really nice light cinnamon nude. This colour is very comparable to velvet teddy from MAC. I just love it. I think its a very universal shade.

My favourite colour ever!!!!! At first you could only get stone in the Terra Collection with Sand and Brick. It completely sold out. I found that when they finally rereleased it by its self the formula was different and the colour slightly different. The formula from the first batch was my fav it was a little thicker and a tiny bit deeper in colour. The formula of the second lot is a lot runnier (even than the other shades) but it still dries to the same finish. This is my favourite mauve. Its my perfect colour. It even pulls slightly lavender on me. I just love it. I think it’s a colour everyone needs!!!!

This shade is gorgeous it’s that “Greige” That we all love. This is one of the new shades and out of all the Greige colours it is extremely wearable. I think it has slightly more brown undertones. It’s a beautiful shade and the same as the others its glides on smoothly and dries matte. Love this shade.

Cork is such a cool colour. This is the first in my collection in this shade. It’s a really warm cinnamon brown. Its awesome and again looks good on every skin tone. I have worn this so many times since I got it!!!

This colour has the perfect name. It’s a deep red brick colour. I love it. Again I have nothing like this. It has that orange red brown brick colour to it and it’s just a really pretty red. This was one of the colours from the original Terra Collection that is now available by its self.

This colour is COOL!! very Similar to Jeffree Star “Dominatrix” or Colourpop Limbo but I think its Darker. It’s a very dark deep Chocolate Brown and I love it!!!!

Here they all are swatched next to each other. I know Truffle and Stone look similar but they aren’t at all.

The Applicator ha to be one of my favourite liquid lipstick applicators. The shape of the tip hugs your lips perfectly and its soft. I find that its makes application so easy. It gets enough product that it can completely coat your lips without having to dip back in. Even though its soft the shape of it makes getting clean line really easy.


I recommend these to everyone. Especially a liquid lipstick beginner. Dose of Colors has the most awesome formula and the coolest shades. The packaging is by far my favourite too. I love the price and the fact that they Ship internationally. I can not point out ANYTHING that I don’t like except they sell out of shades very quickly. If you can get any of these shades (if they are in stock) definitely give them a go. Continue to check back on the Site and follow them on Instagram so that you can be aware when the shades come back in stock! So far I know that they will be fully restocking in MARCH.

Thankyou for reading! if you would like side by side comparisons of these shades next to any other liquid lipstick shades then feel free to let me know in the comments!

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