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Oh well Hiii!!

I’ve been starting to prep for babies first birthday!! It’s hard because I want to decorate and have a theme but in reality It’s just going to be our families celebrating so the money conscious side of me goes Nooooo! Dont go all out!
During my searches I’ve come across these inexpensive printable labels and stickers. YES!!!!

This means I can make personalised little pieces for her birthday without breaking the budget! It will also be great practice for my other kids birthdays!

So Introducing Products! They have a huge range of products (tags, invitations, place cards you name it) but what interests me the most is the design and print stickers! So perfect! I went with the , These are only $14.95 a pack! Thais for 20 labels.

Simple easy steps! Jump online and pick what ever you want. There is different sizes and styles for what ever you need. I picked the  just buy online and wait for it to arrive.

It arrives in an envelope with the clear bags, the printable stickers and instructions.

Follow the instructions and design your own party bag topers. It’s really so easy to do, there is so many fonts and images to choose from or upload your own images. My 8-year-old helped me with this was so simple. That was a huge part of what I loved about this, if you’ve got a older child they can so easily be apart of it, my girl loved it because she was helping me organise her baby sisters party, she could definitely have done it on her own with instruction, its nice to do it together though.

Printing was a little difficult for me, my printer carked it so I had to go to my parents house, when we went to print the label the program wouldn’t recognize the printer and wanted me to download an app, which would have been simple at home but I didn’t want to on my parents computer, a little tinkering and i managed to print it without installing anything, keep in mind I’m a total nanny, I’m not tech savvy at all and I figured this out easily.

Once you’ve printed fill your bags with what ever you want! We went around a confetti theme so smarties and sprinkles was what we chose! Now I know our design isn’t extremely amazing but it was just what we wanted, go as simple or extravagant as you want! one tip, print on a normal sheet of paper first to make sure you have laid out right!

I will use Over and over again, you can type something different on every label so its easy to have the children’s names if you like. The stickers could be used for anything not just parties, maybe you want to use the round ones to organise jars in your pantry or label school books. The party bags can be used for baby shower favours, wedding favours basically ANYTHING! These would be so cute for your child to give put to their class at easter or christmas, the possibilities are really endless!

I loved coming across this site, it was really fun to design them our selves and just add those personal touches.

I would love to know if you use Avery Design and print, id love to see what you design so please tag me and

I have a range of party posts coming up in the lead up to bubbas first bday! Is there anything you need tips about when It comes to throwing a kids party?

* This post is sponsored, I was compensated for my time all words and opinions are my own. You know me and I will never recommend something I don’t love!

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