Just A Little Disclaimer for you guys!

As you know I’m ALL about HONESTY! As a blogger I’m so lucky to get sent things to “consider” from time to time! Its just one of the really fun and exciting parts about blogging. I have no obligation to endorse them or talk about them at all. I try everything I’m sent and if I like it I post about it, as I would anything that I paid for my self. Because I want to let you guys no about new, effective and exciting things. Everything that I am sent will be marked with an asterisk * or I will mention in the post that it was sent to me.

sponsorships. I am definitely open to sponsored posts, If any post is sponsored it will be mentioned at the bottom of the post. Remember, No amount of money or opportunity will ever make me post about or lie about a product I don’t like. Honesty is SO important to me. If I’m recommending it, it isn’t because I want to impress someone or make money it’s because I truly love it!

commission Links. If any links I provide to a product is an affiliate or commission link it will also be stated at the bottom of the post.

I felt the need to let you know these things so you can continue to trust my word and everything I talk about or recommend.