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Hi Every One! I’m back with a Beauty post! It’s all about “Greige” lip colours! If you’re a beauty lover you no exactly what Greige is. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a lip colour that basically a cross between Grey and Beige. It’s really on trend at the moment. Most of us heard about Greige when Lime Crime Launched their Velvetine “Cashmere” I couldn’t wait to get it!! It sold out so quickly and you just couldn’t get it. When it became available again the Lime Crime Scandal had just come to light and I decided against buying it (if you want to no what I’m talking about you can google it). So still ‘needing’ this greige shade I went on a hunt to find some dupes or other colours in this category. Some are new shades and some I’m pretty sure have been around before Cashmere. I’ve found a lot! and some ways of mixing colours to come up with your own shades of Greige! enjoy! SKIP TO THE BOTTOM FOR SWATCHES

 with  this is a really wearable option for a greige lip. I’ve always found blankety to come of as a more grey based nude on me. With tootsie as the lip pencil it just deepens the colour! over  This is a great option the Nyx 1000 years lip pencil is a great greige colour on its own but adding the liquid lips over the top it lightens it and evens the colour out! with  Nyx stone is GREIGE perfection!!! its awesome by its self but it’s a really creamy formula so it doesn’t stay on long! the nude truffle pencil is a brown with a greyish undertone and if you put this on first it keeps the lipstick on a little longer, you could of course use the tootsie pencil or 1000 years PERFECT CASHMERE DUPE!!!! This shade is supposed to be the exact dupe for Lime Crime Cashmere with a better formula for like $11.98 USD this liquid lipstick is so amazing! its opaque, goes on easy, STAYS ON ALL DAY! if you want the PERFECT greige lip this is it!!! ANOTHER PERFECT DUPE! this colour is nearly exactly the same as Ghoulish, it’s just a little bit softer in colour on the lips. it’s not drying, its a little sheerer than ghoulish. it’s another beautiful formula I recommend this one if your just wanting to test a greige colour!!! This is the Perfect Greige in lipstick form! it’s almost exactly the same as Dessert Taupe and Ghoulish though seems to pull a little more grey on the lips! Love this! plus Gerard cosmetics always have amazing discount codes! I think I got this one in a two pack for like $26 AUD This shade is similar to stone but lighter. Still a very grey tone nude. Perfect if you have lighter skin or you want that lighter Greige colour. Again its really creamy and not long-lasting so I’ve used tootsie to Line my lips Here This is Similar to Ghoulish but its got a slighter brown undertone. This is such a beautiful formula and these are just $5 USD each!! I love this colour I think its more wearable and its seems to slightly darken as it oxidises! Love it

 I forgot to take a pic of this on! its a way more lighter bluer grey colour but mixed with Nyx 1000 years all over the lips its perfect! the formula for these are BEAUTIFUL they are so creamy and opaque and have the minty feeling but not to over powering! if you want a more grey colour this is the one!!And For Swatches!In order Tootsie, Blankety, 1000 Years, Pure Hollywood, Nude Truffle and StoneUnderground, OG Ghoulish, Stone (again), Dessert Taupe, Flawless and TootsieThese are the colours that are nearly exact! except for Coven Creme which i added to show how light it is in comparison!

I love the colour Greige. Its edgy yet not to daring its still wearable and pretty. The most Wearable (for the lipstick wimps like me) is Dessert taupe (if you want liquid lipstick) or Nyx Stone. If you want that exact Cashmere dupe its supposed to be OG Ghoulish. I have tried Lime Crime velvetenes and haven’t liked how drying and flakey they turn out, OG Ghoulish for La Splash is such a beautiful texture and not like that at all. its not drying yet its matte and stays ALL DAY. For a little darker in colour I suggest Tootsie. These are all beautiful and I think the only one I wouldn’t wear every day (as I’m a lipstick wimp) would have to be Coven Creme! I would love to try more from them though as the formula is so beautiful!

There was another shade I wanted to add but it hasn’t arrived yet and that is Coloured Raine “Marshmallow” xx

I hope this was Helpful! go over to my instagram where I am having an over night tag giveaway for Australian or NZ residents so you can win a Gerard Cosmetics UNDERGROUND lipstick!

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