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DECORATING A KIDS ROOM ON A BUDGET!Hi! So I just wanted to give some simple tips to redecorating a kids room on a budget. If you want I can defiantly do a post on nursery decor but this one is more for the kids but a lot of the same tips apply!

First, remember the picture perfect rooms you see on instagram aren’t what every kids room looks like and even those rooms are only picture perfect for moments before the kids get in there and have fun messing them up! When We bought our first house I had been saving for so long to decorate them! I also had every room planned out so I knew how much I would spend and how it would look. These are my current quick easy favourites to add to a room (scroll for my tips)
The decor listed below are the things I would purchase first, they are simple things that can really change a room. Once you’ve added things like these your can pretty much add anything else to match!
 For Me there is no other paper Tassel garland but these ones made by Hannah from DD Brand. Who knew something as simple as coloured paper could look so beautiful, I seriously have one of these in every room!!
 You can ask for a custom creation from Roshnee she also has burlap sacks. Do you want a store credit? Look at the bottom of the post for details!
 Mini Marquee has the best prices in Marquee Lighting, they are also owned by the most lovely lady. These lights are great for kids who don’t like the dark, they aren’t to bright and the batteries last quite awhile!
 I mean YES quilt cover set for this price, you can’t match it!
 My daughter has these, they are so cute!
 The girls from Toucan are also so lovely, you can get any print with custom colours to fit your new room decor!
 Mirror Name Plaque $35 Rockmelon Online also has so so many different decor items, if you don’t want a mirror name plate they also do coloured acrylic!
 The Wall Collective have so so many different options! the owner of this store is also such a nice lady, A couple of wall hooks are so decorative but also handy!!
 Another one of roshnee’s Creations, for a $20 store credit enter our giveaway below!
 Storm Cloud $35
-pick a colour scheme and/or theme
-choose something that your child likes
-set a budget
What can you afford?, what is a comfortable amount for your budget? Once you have an amount you don’t want to go over its much easier to stay within that budget
-save up
If you havent already, start putting away money for the room
-“window shop” on the internet
Pinterest and Instagram can lead you to some really great shops!
-download a mood board app! Or make a real mood board with magazine cuttings this is my biggest MOST IMPORTANT tip! With a moodboard app you can place pictures of all the things that are on your list and see if they look nice together. Something doesn’t go? Delete the pic and find something else. This saved me alot of money, this way I knew it would all go nicely and didn’t waste money on something that I would end up not liking.
-write a list
-look around for cheaper options
-use pinterest and instagram for inspiration
-google discount codes!!!
You can do this three ways
1. Slowly add piece by piece into the room as you can afford it
2. Slowly buy piece by piece until you have it all and then put it all together
3. Save up until you have enough money to buy it all at once!
For me its option 2!
Now if the walls in the room are chipped or paint peeling I definitely recommend fixing that before anything. A fresh coat of paint can make the biggest different and there’s nothing like starting with a clean slate. To paint one room your probably looking at around $20-$30 of paint. I think its best to have mostly neutral walls and maybe one feature wall if you want a bright colour or a feature wall with a design. It is personal preference though, if you and your little one want rainbow walls than rainbow walls it is! If your walls don’t need painting, just make sure they are clean!
When displaying prints you can use decorative washi tape to hang them OR get really cheap frames from Kmart, ikea or cheap shops like the reject shop or red dot.
If you dont want to drill hooks into the walls but the removable kind and MAKE SURE you give th 24 hours between putting them up and hanging something from them!
WALL STICKERS! Are soo affordablemy favourite places are urbanwalls and walk edfect the prices are great and the possibilities are endless!
For my girls I love plain white bed spreads you can get the single ones from ikea for 29.95. Check out Kmart also as my daughter has beautiful confetti sheets from there. For boys there’s a huge range! My boys have bed spreads with simple geometric shapes in the colours of their room, they have their super hero and dinosaur blankies under the bedspreads (they are well-loved and worn out so they are hidden with a nice bedspread over the top but it’s also the blanket closest to the child when they jump in ned so they can snuggle it!
Once the walls are painted or cleaned plan your room out, plan the placement of everything, where would you want prints? How many of them? Will you be adding more things in the future?
I have a wish list written in my phone, somethings are from more expensive stores, I wait for EOFY sales or boxing day sales you can get up to 40% off sometimes!
Once you’ve added these new pieces you’ll know where to go from there! You might be happy with the new fresh vibe in the room or you might be inspired to add more! Just start all over, make that moodboard and that budget and the possibilities are endless!
– go on ebay and buy some cool handles for their drawers, I got my daughter pretty crystal handles for $12 for 8
– Are their drawers all ratty or covered in stickers but can’t afford new ones? Sand them down and paint them a fresh white or bright colour for around $35
– need new furniture? Look on gumtree or local Facebook for sale pages
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make something feel fresh! Start with a plan and you will get there. If you want to add more there are so many stores that have affordable little decor pieces to add.
I Hope this was helpful, this is how I decorated my kids rooms on a budget. Check out my instagram for inspiration, Tap on the picture for tags of where everything is from! I follow some awesome stores ran by really nice people with such big Hearts, it’s always nice to know your hard-earned money is helping small business!
*these photos are not taken by me, picture credit to the store websites.
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