Cooking With Kids – Easy Chicken Wraps

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CHICKEN WRAPSChicken wraps are our friday or saturday night meal. They are quick and easy, yummy and a good way to get the kids involved. This is just a quick breakdown of how I can spend time with my kids while cooking dinner and it not be stressful. As you can see the wraps aren’t rolled perfectly but we had a good time cooking together.My 8 year old is really interested in learning to cook so this is a good way to get her learning. (Skip to to the recipe at the end) Heres a few tips that ive found helpful for cooking with kids

 -supervise dont stand over! Basically watch them, help them but dont stand there judging.
– offer positive help eg. “Your doing a great job, but maybe do it this way” instead of “no not like that, like this”
– Only get your kid in the kitchen if you have extra time, I can make wraps in 15 minutes but I no I need 45 minutes to do it with one of the kids helping
– Safety first, consider hot surfaces and dont give kids a sharp knife.
– start small with easy meals that have things that a leaner can do like stiring, grating, peeling, rolling etc.
– Dont expect it to be perfect!
Ingredients (remember we are a family of 7 so this may be to much for you, adjust for your family size)
-3 chicken breasts
-6 strips of bacon
– Wraps
– 1 Ice Burg lettuce (or the loose leaf what ever you want)
– 6 eggs
– Cheese
– 2 carrots
– 4 tomatoes
– Half red onion
– sauces we like mayo, satay, sweet chilli, bbq and tomato relish
– Garlic salt
– Oil to cook in
Heat oil in fry pan and add chicken once hot, salt with garlic salt and cook until golden brown
KIDS JOB: while Im cooking chicken right next to me I have our George Forman grill plugged in, and on a low setting Miss A cooks the bacon, I lay it out for her across the grill and all she needs to do is turn the bacon once. This is a good way for her to learn about being careful around hot surfaces as theres no flame and the heat setting is really low its quite safe. The chicken and bacon is usually finished at the same time.
KIDS JOB: crack 6 eggs into a bowl and gently wisk
MUMS JOB: Heat oil in a fry pan add eggs while oil is hot, you kind of fry/scramble them, just messily chop them up with the egg flip. I salt and pepper the eggs also.
KIDS JOB: While Im doing the eggs Ive cut of a chunk of cheese from the block and given it to Miss A to grate, shes pretty good at watching her fingers while grating now but if its your childs first time grating your going to have to walk them through it!
MUMS JOB: Slice up onions and tomatoes
KIDS JOB: Wash and cut up lettuce. I pull all of the leaves of the lettuce (or your child can) then wash and shake dry. To get my daughter to cut safely Ive taught her to roll up a few lettuce leaves and then cut them with the buiter knife. I still supervise her with the butter knife. Its been a great safe way to teach her a good cutting technique without it being dangerous. Because Im over the top restarted with a plastic knife.
MUM & KIDS JOB: While I finish up everything else Miss 8 and Mr 6 take the fillings, wraps, sauces and plates across to the table!
Once on the table the kids just make their own, except
mr 2, I make his, which he pulls apart and destroys immediately.
Unfortunately for my self esteem Ive put on 6kgs since having baby. Body image totally goes down hill for me when baby hits 6 months old until they are about 1. Dammit. So ive limited my self to carbs only once a day (usually breakfast) so a meal like this is great for me because I just use the fillings to make a chicken salad.
Do you cook with your kids? Or neices and nephews? Whats your favourite thing to cook?  Doing small things like this with your kids is such a good way to spend time and teach them skills. It may seem like a small thing or something that takes to much time when your busy but your child will really enjoy it! just remember safety first!!
Have fun!

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