Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint – Swatches Dupes & Reviews

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I first saw these on Instagram while trying to find a nice GREIGE Lip Colour. Liquid Lipsticks are all the craze at the moment, and for good reason, most of us don’t want the stress of smearing our lipstick or having to re apply. Matte Liquid lipsticks stay in place.  stand out to me. Instead of the typical various shades of pink and red and maybe a few nudes these have so many browns and grey based colours that are on trend right now. And only like one pink red and orange (which I’m cool with)

These Go for $16.50 USD and they ship worldwide. These are cruelty free, paraben free and Vegan (no animal product) you get 4g of product (which is a lot)

The formula is buildable, you can wait until it dries and add another coat and it will not flake or go patchy. these DO NOT COME OFF they are extremely hard to get off. this is a bonus (unless you’re doing lip swatches lip I was and that was not a good time. your standard makeup remover will not remove these you will need something with oil (or actual oil)

Most shades were really opaque and only one was sheer and a little streaky. A few of mine smelt like paint. like really not a nice smell. I can get past it though because these are so good. they aren’t drying but these are MATTE. Meaning you need to make sure your lips are exfoliated and not  dry before applying. they have a doe foot applicator, so I needed to use a precision lip brush to get it precise around my lip line (I’m pretty messy). I really love theses except for the smell on a few of them, I love the different colour choices and the fact they ship world-wide. I love the packaging, can not go wrong with bright pink!

*I swatched these one after the other and didn’t use a lip pencil, the application on a few isn’t perfect

 Mars is a Deep dusty rose colour. Depending on your skin tone depends on how these will look on you. I’m a medium skin tone so this was a little deeper on me, the lighter your skin the darker this will look. This is supposed to be a dupe for Kat Von D Lolita. These kids of mauve dusty rose shades are really popular at the moment.

This Picture is true to colour. Yes I know my skin is terrible here, my camera was picking up every flaw and the lighting was not my friend in this pic but hey I’m a real person and I didn’t want to air brush the shit out of this picture!

 This is a really pretty beige/peach nude colour. this one also went on beautifully. I don’t like a lot of nudes but this is definitely a favourite.

This Picture is also definitely true to colour. I would love to try this with a lip pencil something like Mac Subculture or Nyx Mauve.

 This Colour was supposed to be the Cashmere dupe, the Perfect Greige. This compared to my other grey shades is a little darker. It’s a Taupe Brown with grey and Lavender undertones

Definitely a more daring colour but I love it!

 This colour is a coffee suede colour, definitely not everyones comfort zone but I love it. It’s so different. this will look completely different on every one. This would look so pretty especially on darker skin.

Apparently the lighting was my friend in this picture, You can see this is a really cool colour, even sort of mustard brown, doesn’t sound nice but it is!

 – This Colour is pretty awesome. It’s a dark brown with grey undertones. Its sort of darker version or marshmallow. I love this colour, this is the type of colour I would wear every day if I had my way!

Its pretty nice isn’t it! Probably not every woman first date colour or something to wear just down the shops or to school pick up (if you did BIG high-five I’m too much of a wimp) I love this!

 This colour is definitely a darker version of suede, it’s a dark brown with that mustard/ olive undertone, so different I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this!

Again the lighting was not my friend in this picture but the colour of the lipstick is on point! this is exactly what it looks like in person! so Unique!

 This is a bright magenta purple colour! This is such a beautiful colour, this is the only one that didn’t apply evenly. This colour seems to be a lot sheerer and thinner. It was hard to get it even ( i was in a rush) as I said these are build able so I’m sure you could build this up.

You can see its sort of patchy on my lips, this was after 2 coats so you may need # or 4. this would be beautiful over a lip pencil.


Here they are swatched on my arm in natural lighting. Below I have a few dupes (alternatives, colours that are similar)

Dupes for Marshmallow – Top to bottom we have Aroma Beauty – Dessert Taupe, Coloured Raine Marshmallow and the LA Splash – Ghoulish

Dupes for Soul Top to Bottom – Coloured Raine Soul, Nyx Maison and the closest match MAC NEW MATTE LIPSTICK – STONE

Dupes for Mars Top to Bottom – Coloured Raine- Mars, DOSE OF COLOURS – STONE and SEPHORA – FIG

I hope this was helpful if you are wanting liquid lipsticks! I really like these I think my most worn would be mars!



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