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3rd September 2015

For ages on Instagram Ive been talking about my little office makeover. Now that I’m doing a lot of blogging its nice to have somewhere to sit and have access to everything I need, plus its a great excuse for me to decorate an area Continue reading


2nd September 2015

Hello Everyone! I love home décor as much as I love makeup, and that’s a lot haha. Recently I was on the search for some unique and quirky printed pillow cases. I love different pillow cases because it’s a great way to change your room or add some personality. I originally wanted some eyelash pillow cases and that’s when I found on Etsy. I fell inlove with everything they sold! THe first eyelash pillow cases I found online were around $90 and that’s just to expensive for me. For a pair of pillow cases from start from $30 USD (around $43 AUD) some are $35 USD (around $51 AUD). The designs are just beautiful! The first design I purchased were these Pink LIps Pillow cases, very fitting for a lipstick lover I thought. These were $35 USD and around $15.40 USD for shipping to Australia. These pillow cases are really beautiful quality. The Fabric is 100% cotton and 300 Thread count, basically its thick and soft and luxurious.

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QUICK LITTLE UPDATE! – I heart Bargains

3rd May 2015


Quick little post! Im one of the New contributors for , yaaaay! I heart Bargains Is Australia’s Biggest Bargain Blog, Chelsea is the blogger and the brains behind it. If you love a bargain and nothing that goes over $100 Thats the blog for you!

I found some Bargain Marble and Marble themed home wares! Click the  to see what I came up with 🙂 I have another pregnancy based post coming up soon!


24th April 2015

I love everything! but there’s some things that I’ve loved for a long time or things that are new favourite that I want to share!!

  These are from the ‘bare bones” range and are $35 mine are the copper colour but there’s many more to choose from even concrete and marble styles! I love these because the plug-in and there’s an on off switch they are just so easy to use! I have mine hanging from an “ekby” bracket that I spray painted white, it was about $4!

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24th April 2015

Hi guys! So most of you are reading this because you know I did some little room makeovers for my friends Children.

If you didn’t no, basically (and briefly) One of my close friends has recently suffered a massive loss in her family after a long heart breaking Journey. I wanted to help and well over 60 businesses on instagram sent gifts and gorgeous stuff to do up the kids rooms! (The power of instagram!!)

Yesterday with the help of my dad, my man and my gorgeous friend we went and got it done! Luckily their Mum had already chosen really nice colours on their walls, which made adding all the things look just that much more awesome!

We had two cars absolutely packed with the goodies I had been sent for these 4 lovely little kids!

*Please keep in mind we had a few hours to do this before the kids got home from school, I had a crying teething baby and two toddlers running around, one which kept doing a nudie run and the other wearing a super man cape (you know how that is haha) Our main goal was getting these rooms as perfect as we could for the kids. I did take photos but there is some areas I forgot/ran out of time to get pics of. If you don’t see your gift in a picture don’t stress it is there and it is appreciated just as much. With all of that being said, Enjoy the pictures 🙂


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