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29th June 2015

Well hello! I had heaps of requests for some recipes! this is the tastiest chicken I’ve ever made and I’ve made a hell of a lot of chicken! Unfortunelty I love fried chicken, sometimes I just get an urge for takeaway friend chicken but with 5 kids its over $60 just to get takeaway. Takeaway is also as we know really bad for us and I always feel bad if we ever feed our kids it! So I’ve been trying come up with a simple tasty recipe to make from home, I’ve finally found the one and I want to share! this is also oven baked so no deep-frying! Still its by no means a healthy all! Continue reading

Cooking With Kids – Easy Chicken Wraps

25th May 2015

CHICKEN WRAPSChicken wraps are our friday or saturday night meal. They are quick and easy, yummy and a good way to get the kids involved. This is just a quick breakdown of how I can spend time with my kids while cooking dinner and it not be stressful. As you can see the wraps aren’t rolled perfectly but we had a good time cooking together. Continue reading


17th May 2015

Well Hello!! This is the recipe I use every time I make caramel slice! Its pretty much the same recipe that used to be on the back of the Chocolate melts pkt, I just add more chocolate! It’s SO EASY and only has 8 ingredients and for something with 3 layers that’s pretty amazing. Most ingredients you may already have in your cupboard. This is NOT a healthy recipe! It’s so dam tasty but its full of fat and sugar! We have no self-control so when I make this I share it amongst family or have my man take it to work to share other wise we would literally eat it all!

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