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Hello! So If you’re in Australia and you love makeup you know two things. One is that we have very limited access to a huge range of brands and two is that our dollar is really bad at the moment so when doing American orders what is American $100 is around $144 for us which is a huge difference. I’ve recently found  this is a site that sells a lot of brands that we can’t usually get and the price isn’t to bad either!

So I was so excited to work with on this blog post, I had been stalking their site for days before we decided to collaborate! I knew exactly what I wanted, And I knew a lot of it was going to be BECCA!

 $56 Limited Edition Gold


Now this comes in the original colour which is like a grey brown I think but have the limited edition gold and copper. NOW $56 for a brush is a lot Yes BUT this brush is $49 USD on the Sephora website, if you convert that to Australian dollars we would have to pay $70.19c for it and RY has it for $56 so that is really amazing!!!


A Little about this brush, its fricken huge!! this is a pic comparing it to the Famous Nars ITA brush (I love that brush so much) Its way wider and thicker, it’s so so soft. THis Brush is supposed to be able to work with powders, creams and liquids your supposed to be able to do every single face makeup step with this (foundation, powder, blush, contour, bronzer, highlight etc) I can’t tell you how I feel About this as I’ve only tried it once but if you were looking into it GET IT FROM RY!!!

 – $48 – Opal

Becca is known for their amazing highlighters! other highlighters just do not compare!! This is the famous “opal” shade but its in the “poured” form meaning its a cream product. I’ve only used it a few times but yep its gorgeous. This is $48 on  which is actually awesome considering on this product is $38 USD meaning it would be $54.44 Australian dollars so this is an amazing saving (yes its authentic)

Look How teeny tiny the poured Shimmering Skin perfector is next to the pressed one! so cute. I hope you can see but ive swatched pressed opal next to poured opal.



When I saw this gorgeous palette I had to have it!!! HAD TO! This can also double as an eyeshadow palette. There wasn’t any serious highlighters in this palette but the blush colours are gorgeous, there is a bronzer shade, undereye highlighting shades, all different blush shades and two contour shades. I Seriously think this palette is so clever this could suit a wider range of skin tones from very fair to dark skin which is really great because most contour kits don’t suit such a wide variety of people. Now this is $69 AUD so if you were buying something like this from America it would be around $48 which is pretty good considering it have 8 large pans.

Here are some swatches on the underneath of my fore arm which is a light/medium shade. These seem to blend so so easily and are nicely pigmented, sorry but you can barely see the light white and beige shades on the beginning of my arm in both pics haha.

 – $19.95


I was soo excited that this was in stock!! This is basically a cute little jar that has a mini scrub stick (lip exfoliator) in the flavour whipped cherry and a mini agave lip mask. The Agave Lip mask by BITE Beauty is a cult favourite, I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but ive heard its amazing! I think this set is perfect to keep your lips soft especially now that matte liquid lipsticks are so on trend, its important to not have dry lips! Now this is another amazing deal, this is $15 USD on the Sephora website which would be around $21 Australian, so again its cheaper than America.

Overall I’ve loved my experience with  shipping took under a week and the pricing is quite fair which is great. I highly recommend checking out this website! let me know what you choose, they have so many of the that we all have heard about, next I’m dying to try moonstone and topaz!

Check out that gorgeous cosmetics contour kit, it’s really pretty!


*this post contains affiliate links, products were provided to me, all thoughts, statements and comments are my own honest opinions

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