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Hi! This post is all about a little shopping I did at ! I had no idea that I Could shop online for genuine beautiful jewellery like we would see in-store at Michael Hill. I have some really great affordable beautiful pieces of jewellery to show you that you can purchase online without having to leave the house! I thought this would be great with Christmas approaching so fast!

As you know I have 5 little kids I do everything ! This isn’t because they misbehave while shopping this is because in I really feel like kids should be playing and exploring not being dragged around shopping centres and cafes. Unless you got to get that food shopping done! If I do actually go shopping you can guarantee I am not going to take them into a jewellery store, especially my boys, can u sense disaster…yes. Haha.
As I’ve mentioned my baby is about to turn 1 so I wanted to find her a gorgeous little silver bangle of some sort. I stumbled across this beautiful sterling silver butterfly cuff for $35.
It fits perfectly into my budget and is something that she can wear for quite a few years and will know it was her very first birthday gift. It’s the perfect size, its soo cute and small and as you can see by the pictures she’s quite intrigued with it also. Lets just take a moment to appreciate how hard this photo was to get, an 11 month old sitting still…not a chance.
My big girl is such a girly girl and I saw these Purple cubic zirconia
Studs for just $19 and thought they would make a beautiful little surprise gift.
These sleeper earings in sterling silver were just $25. These are also for my daughter, just a back up pair that I think will be great for no fuss in summer, far to many studs have gone missing at the beach!
Now for a few little treats for me! I have always had pretty sterling silver rings! I used to have them on every finger. Since having babies one by one my rings have disappeared. I don’t wear necklaces as I never take of my greenstone so I love to accessorize with bracelets and rings. These are all stackable rings!
I got 3 sterling silver stack rings for $29 each. These are perfect for stacking or having on different fingers. I love the simple silver band. you can use them on any finger alone or stack them with different rings.
This is most favourite it’s the Patterned burgundy cubic zirconia stack ring for $69 something like this makes a really nice simple gift there were quite a few other shades to choose from!
Lastly I got this cubic zirconia stack ring for $69, this is just simple
And pretty you could stack this with the other rings, this would look elegant on its own, I love this for a thumb ring. Something like this would be a gorgeous gift for a teenage girl or a simple mothers day gift.
I was excited to share this post ass I honestly had no idea you could buy jeweller online, they come so beautifully packaged, such a great way to still get those gifts that you don’t have time to run out and buy!


*this post is sponsored by Michael Hill, These are not affiliate links. All thoughts and comments are my own, I really enjoyed shopping online with Michael Hill.

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