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Hi!!!! This is part 2 of my  blog series. My last post HERE had my first haul and a review of the products I chose. If you follow me on my  you may have seen lots of pictures of a Recent Becca Cosmetics Delivery I had (yaaaaaay).

 Is now available online at  this is great news for us here in Australia as It’s not a brand that is really easy to get your hands on. Becca became known to me when Jaclyn Hill (of course) raved and raved about their Highlighters (shimmering skin perfectors). As I mentioned in my First  post, it’s really exciting for us beauty lovers to now have access to so many products that we didn’t have access to before and I’m really excited for my first brand feature to be Becca Cosmetics.

This palette is SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!! The packaging is really pretty and sleek. This is a great option if you were wanting to try a few of the Shimmering skin perfectors and some blushes. The individual little pans are quite small, about the size of a makeup geek eyeshadow pan. The full-sized Shimmering Skin Perfectors are 8g and the individual little ones in this pan are 1.4g each and the two blushes are 1.6g. The full Sized shimmering skin perfectors are $60 each for 8g the amount of product in this palette comes up to 7.4g and the total cost is $70. I think its great as it’s just a good way to try 5 different products at once. Also if you’ve never tried a Becca Blush or Highlighter the formula is BEAUTIFUL. insanely soft and pigmented, really gorgeous. The shades you get in this little palette are

SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTORS – Moonstone, Rose Gold and Topaz
MINERAL BLUSH – Wild Honey and Flower Child

Arrg look how gorgeous it is!!! I love how the Highlighters are so different as are the blushes, such a versatile palette.

I had to try this little powder, I love multi use products, the lighter side is supposed to be to lightly bronze and then your supposed to use the darker side to contour and create dimension. BOTH are really beautiful colours.

I have used this for the last 3-4 days and I really like it. I have been to lazy to contour as we have been doing a lot of swimming etc but I have just been swirling the two shades together and it creates a really nice natural bronzed look. The powders are like a satin finish, there isn’t a lot of shimmer but they do give a nice sheen. They are really soft and quite pigmented but sheer at the same time. I’m a medium skin ton and I think that anyone from fair to medium/dark would like this.

When Im really trying out a brand I like to try a foundation. I LOVE the packaging of this, Its simple and pretty, its have 30ml or 1.01 Fl. 0z which is basically the same as every foundation I’ve ever used. This foundation is COMPLETE full coverage. It’s not really thick but it dries super fast. The first day I used it I used a quite dry pore refining primer and this foundation dried SO QUICK that I didn’t have time to blend it nicely and it went quite patchy. Today I used a moisturising primer and made sure my beauty blender was quite damp and I sprayed it with fix plus and it seemed to really work much nicer, I had a lot more time to blend the foundation.

I really try not to give my review on a foundation until I’ve used it for at least 3 weeks to a month. SO I can’t say if I like this or not yet. I’m going to continue to use it and try different primers and tool and if anyones interested I can do a full review!

So that’s my little review and update on  being available at , I would love to hear from you what your favourite Becca Product is or if there is anything I should try? I’m super curious about the Undereye correcting creme. Thank you for reading! I would LOVE some post suggestions and requests for any reviews or tutorials that you would like to see!


*this post is NOT sponsored, I was gifted the products.

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