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Aaaah Its that time of the year again! Time for my Best of Beauty 2016 HERE is my Best of Beauty from last year and there is some repeats (by accident) which is awesome because even with all the new releases that came out this year somethings are just to good to ever be replaced! And again just like last year this is a collab with my Insta bestie Daniela from , you must check out after mine, you guys KNOW I don’t really trust anyones opinions but I deff trust hers!!

2016 Has been a SHIT year, trying to get my life together after loosing my mum last year and really find who I am has been something that I never thought I would go through so young. I hope 2017 isn’t going to be a fight for me and my family, I want to live life and enjoy it, not just constantly feel like I am drowning, how to do this without my mum I’m not sure but I will do it. I hope 2017 brings happiness to us or at least a sense of peace. 2017 is going to be a good one for you all too xx ANYWAYS KEEP READING to see why some of these things are my favourite! (Just an FYI IF THE LINKS INCLUDED Aren’t international they are Australian,  but I will have additional links at the bottom for my International readers to use xx)

This product is a surprise favourite for me. I got this in a PR package and I tried it just because it was there. I JUST LOVE IT! this is primer and skincare all in one. I am 29 so anything “anti aging” catches my eye. You don’t have to be in your late 20s to use this, the ingredients would be beautiful for any age, this blurs pores and holds my makeup on all while being good for my skin, I just love it!

This is a return favourite from last year, man what an awesome product. its got medium/full coverage, it’s a serum and it has spf50. I just can’t go without it. I’ve probably been through 4 tubes and i need new one. I am the shade medium, though this colour corrects so no matter how much sun I’ve been it, or how little it will work. If you are in NZ then you can grab this off Beautylish! Honestly any age, you need to try this!!!!

As you would have seen in my this is one of my most favourite concealers. It’s a watery consistency but it gives nearly full coverage. I just love the natural finish it gives. It covers everything yet its really thing so it doesn’t cake up at all. I love Nars Radiant creamy concealer but as its so thick and creamy it can get cakey by the end of the day. This never does that and it blends seamlessly into any foundation or bb cream you have on. It’s a tiny bottle buts its lasted me a really long time, plus I love the big spongey applicator it has.

This is an amazing concealer and my second tube of it! This concelaer is thicker than the Tarte one yet NEVER gets cakey. This has full coverage and I just can’t complain. It never creases and it’s just perfect. I think if you can’t decided you would buy this one, I like it slightly more than the Tarte one mentioned about. it’s a MUST try.

This is the best powder EVER!!!!!! This is also a repeat from last year! UGHH I love it!! (btw this link is to adore beauty and they have after pay!) As you can see in my most recent instagram video (follow the hashtag #bib2016vid ) I use my damp beauty blender to pack it under my eyes and then I dip a big fluffy brush in it and put it all over my face at the same time as wiping away what was under my eyes, It sets everything in place and blurs imperfections. it’s a MUST TRY!!

I NEVER thought I would have this as a favourite. I first bought this maybe 6 years ago because Nicole Guerrero used it all the time. I hated it and completely avoided it until about a year ago. I now us it nearly every day. I just like the colour, not to brown, not to orange or red, just nice, I will say it seems to work better on a more yellow or olive based skin tone. I love this as a crease shade or too buff out a dark smokey eye, it’s just so pretty.

You guys know I love Nars blush but this year my favourite goes to Makeup Geek. This year MUG reformulated their blushes and added more shades. I like that you can buy just the pan to chuck in your Z palette for $10 or buy it in these cute compacts for $15. The shade range is huge and makeup geek helps you to select a shade for your skin tone. HERE is the link for my original review! They pack pigment but not too much that you have to be to careful and they are long wearing!

I love COVER FX, I feel like they are a brand that is just going to get better and better. Their original Custom cover drops were kind of the first of its kind, extremely pigmented drops to customise any product. Then these were released, you have extremely pigmented liquid highlighters and bronzers. The shade is have is “Sunlight” it’s a beautiful gold with hints of rose in it. SO pretty, just perfect for my medium skin tone. you can use these under foundation, over foundation or mix it in with your foundation. you can really do what ever you want. they are SO pigmented its like liquid metal. I just love these, maybe one of the best releases of 2016! oh and if the above link doesn’t work or ends up sold out (beauty bay) try Beauty lish xx

These are my favourite powder highlighter for 2016! I had Topaz (beautiful bronze gold) and Rose Quartz (pictured) I actually broke Topaz because I swatched it so hard 🙁 These are out of stock EVERYWHERE and have been for a long time, if you can wait till they are rereleased you will love them. the most popular shade being “Citrine” the link above is to Beauty lish where the newest shade is available in mini size for $19 but that’s all I can find today! These are so pigmented and creamy (which is why it was so easy to break while swatching) yet they do not emphasise pores! SO PRETTY!! See it in action in my last insta video (search the hashtag #bib2016vid

The best eyeshadow this year go to Tarte Cosmetics. I went through most of the year just addicted to the Tartlet in Bloom palette (on the left) check out my post HERE and have ended the year being involve with the Pro Palette (on the right)read my review HERE. Tarte shadows are cruelty free, vegan, they have no nasties in them and they are STILL the best. Complete pigment that is just SO amazing (both the mattes and shimmers) and they blend so well as well as NEVER having fall out. I can’t fault these. Check out my lasted Instavideo (follow the hashtag #bib2016vid ) And you can see how much pigment these have. A lot of the palettes released this year have EITHER had good mattes or shimmers, not usually both. Tarte NEVER disappoints and if you are wanting to invest in a really good everyday palette check out Tarte!

Again, I started the year out obsessed with one and finished up the year obsessed with another. My old fave used to be the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara It give amazing lashes but flakes on and smudged (especially when the mascara is over 1 month old) The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara is so cute, I love the packaging, its a better formula than the tarteist one and it has a much bigger fluffy wand, it gives such long full lashes though. I find it slightly more messy than the Tarte Mascara. The Tarteist Lash Paint has a smaller stiffer wand but both give really big fluffy lashes, I can’t pick a favourite!

Benefit cosmetics completely took the brow scene this year, In my opinion no one else could keep up. Read my full review HERE . Benefit lauched HEAPS of new brown products, I was lucky enough to attend a brow event in Perth with Benefits National Brow artist Hannah and watch how she used them. I used to use the Good Proof brow but after having Hannah show me how to use thew products I was converted to the Kabrow pomade and Ready Set Brow clear gel to set them in place.

Kabrow Is WAY better than the Anastasia Dip Brow because it’s so much more natural. When using the ABH pomade you have to wipe some of on your hand and then be careful to apply, its a more slippery product so it smudges really easy. The Kabrow doesn’t do that, once its applied it stays put. It’s a really great product. I like the gel better than the ABH one to because its sets my brows in place with out them feeling like rock hard concrete (as the ABH does )

I haven’t been a lipgloss wearer since I was like 15. Until these glosses. I love them. I am aware the k[pic I took is off the matte lipsticks I was too lazy to go grab my lip glosses haha. My most favourite shades are Like, Literally and Exposed. These glosses are really pigmented and smell like cupcakes, but they aren’t sticky at all. I don’t apply them too thick it like to pat them over my lips but they still give the pigmentation of a lipstick. I totally recommend you trying these. Thanks to Kylie I am now a gloss wearer!

This year I discovered Jouer and I love their lip products. Their Liquid lipsticks are EXTREMELY comfortable, the shade selections cool to with lots of pretty mattes and metallics, pictured I have “Tan Lines” lip topper. SO PRETTY. ZZIts basically a sparkly lipgloss. I think if you hate most matte liquid lipsticks you will LOVE Jouer’s Matte Liquid lipsticks, SO COMFORTABLE and you only need the thinnest layer.

You guys already know I love Dose of Colors Matte liquid Lipsticks. They have the nicest packaging, the formula is awesome (a little more dry than the Jouer but still comfortable) and I just love the shade range. Above is my new fav CORK, you know I used to love STONE. Jeff check out Dose Of Colors.


I wanted to show a little love to Zoeva Cosmetics. this year I tried and loved Zoeva. I have been impressed with everything I have tried. I reveiwd the Warm Spectrum palette (on the Left HERE) The shadows a beautiful (mattes and shimmers) and the brushes are beautiful too. I really Like Zoeva. I REALLY want to try the New Caramel Melange Palette. I really recommend checking this brand out!

And thats IT! These are my favs from 2016! What are yours?

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*Some products provided for consideration throughout the year, all thoughts are my own. This post does contain affiliate links

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