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2016??? HERE WE ARE! As promised on my  here is my favourites for the whole of 2015! This is a Collab With my great friend Daniela from  you must check out her post after mine, her blog is one of my favourites!!! Ill have her blog link at the end as well as her instagram (you gotta check it out)

Personally I’m happy to say goodbye to 2015, it was the worst year of my entire life. IN THE BEAUTY WORLD 2015 was for me, the best year! So many amazing new products were released in 2015. I feel like so many companies really stepped up their game when it came to packaging and the formulation of their products. I spent so much money on makeup this year (thats another issue haha) but there was just so many cool new things that I had to try! This post is huge because even after I narrowed down my favourites there is still well over 20 things so grab a drink and snack and kick back and take a read!


This year highlighting really blew up, if you couldn’t see your highlight from space then it wasn’t bright enough. I love me some shimmer and shine so I was happy to embrace this trend though I didn’t take it to the extreme that some did, either way I love it! My favs:

This Highlighter is the best thing ever! “So Hollywood” I love everything about this illuminator, the packaging, the pigmentation, the pattern on it and the shade!! its the perfect reflective gold! its a must have!!! The formula is so pigmented and creamy that it almost feels wet to touch yet it is a powder!

More Swatches and original Review HERE

Again Im obsessed with this, you can see its nearly identical in colour and texture and pigmentation to “So Hollywood” it’s just ever so slightly more yellow gold in tone. These two are my absolute must haves!!


For a long time I didn’t see a lot of translucent setting powders as a necessity for girls my age. Until “baking” or “cooking” your undereye area became so popular. Aparently its a makeup step that most draw queens use to really set their makeup, it’s now become apart of most peoples daily makeup routine. For me it doesn’t really go well as it just makes my undereye area look quite cakey and dry. I love it to bake and clean up under my contour or to lightly set my under eye area or lightly dust over my whole face.


I love this setting powder, its great for “Baking”  for setting your whole face or just your underage area. This powder is so finely milled and soft that it is really undetectable on your face. I like this one mature skin as well as it has a subtle blurring effect! this powder for me has a slight mattifying effect.


I love this!!!! It’s such a beautiful powder, I have mine in “Light” it’s just the completely translucent formula, there is a shade “warm” that apparently has a little subtle warmth to it. This powder leave the most beautiful dewy look to your skin, not shimmery just dewy and youthful. I defiantly recommend this powder!


I have been loving Makeup geek eyeshadows this year. They are insanely smooth and pigmented and just gorgeous quality. I totally love this brand, I love the foiled shadows especially. You really must try!!!

My full review of the foiled shadows HERE

Morphe has totally blown up this year. I had no idea about this brand last year. Their eyeshadows are amazing, totally on Pa with makeup geek. They are totally affordable with really high end quality. The 35 pan palettes areas inexpensive, the packaging isn’t very pretty but whats inside is what matters, and its amazing. I love the 35K palette as it has so many great neutral shades both warm and cool and like so many brown shades!!

My full review and swatches of the 35K palette HERE


I love this primer, I’ve been using it for about 3 years, I continue to repurchase it over and over and even gave my mum one because it’s so universal. It’s a primer that blurs out all of your pores. I love it under my foundation I use it over the 15hr primer and together they are perfect. Its even nice to just put on by its self on a no makeup day to blur your pores.

This primer is the best primer I’ve ever used to keep your foundation on your face. The best way to use this for me is to quickly draw this all over my face (it’s a stick primer) and the quickly smudge it out and then apply to porefessional over it and then foundation. With the two primers together you get rid f pores and fine lines and also keep your makeup on for longer.

This is a relatively new purchase for me but I have used it every single day for the last few weeks. I really love this. I don’t notice that it gives my makeup real long levity or anything but it definitely is so refreshing to spray before and after makeup application and its really nice to use to set down any powders on your face.


Im OBSESSED with this. I recommend this to everyone. My skin is combination/normal so sometimes its oily or dry or normal and this is perfect for me overtime. This would be perfect for literally any age, if you’re a teenager or a woman over 70. ANY AGE! it’s a moisturiser, full coverage foundation, sf 50, serum, pore minimising primer, it corrects uneven skin tone or dark spots its just beautiful. I can rub this on with my hands, use a brush or a beauty blender. I can wear this in the place of foundation and under a full face of makeup or i can slap it on alone and look like i have naturally great skin. The only down side is this isn’t fully long-lasting. It wears of really evenly. Basically you put it on and it just sits on your skin as it if is your skin. I really really recommend this, maybe one of my greatest finds this year! you can get it from  or online Sephora America or install Sephora Australia or internationally from the link about which is 

This was another discovery this year that I am so glad to have found. I love this foundation because its relatively inexpensive and its high-end quality. the coverage and long gevity is amazing. I really recommend this foundation especially if you have oily skin this one won’t slide around on you!

My Full review of this foundation HERE

I LOVE THESE!! Again this is another discovery that I’m stoked about this year. I only started using these maybe 2 months back after being so curious because of the hype that surrounds them. Basically these are a pretty new idea (I’m sure heaps of brands will follow as they do) With these they are drop of complete concentrated pigment that allow you to weightlessly  change other products in your routine. For example, you can add a few drops of these to anything liquid, your sunscreen, foundation, oil, moisturiser, tinted moisturiser, ANYTHING! You can add more or less drops to determine the level of coverage you prefer. Ive used these with so many things, I have two shades, one is my exact tone and one is a little yellow. Basically I add the one thats a little yellow to foundations that are to pink for me to get it to my colour. The drops that are my tone I add those to facial sunscreen or to my favourite cc creams to add extra coverage. The shade range is huge, These are quite expensive but they will last awhile as you only use a few drops at a time!


This year I wanted to get good at applying false lashes. Im still learning but I wanted to share XO BEAUTY with you guys. This is  brand, if you aren’t aware who she is, she is a youtuber from NZ! These are perfect for beginners or just anyone who sucks at applying lashes like me. These are really easy to apply and I love the different styles as well as the price point!!


This is the first Cream contour palette that I found (until Anastasia relaunched her fair and lights kits) that had contour shades with ABSOLUTELY so orange tone to them. these contour shades are the perfect colour I love this kit. The highlight shades are pretty BLAH if I’m honest but the kit is totally worth it for the contour shades. This is extremely creamy and delivers the most natural look.

My Full review of this kit HERE

(the biggest craze in 2015 for sure)

ANDROGYNY & CELEBRITY SKIN are my favourite shades from Jeffree Star this year. His liquid lipstick formula is perfect, I don’t know how the hell he’s done it but his formula is my ultimate favourite. Some how it’s completely matte but not drying, completely opaque yet a really water thin consistancy and so so comfortable. It’s strange to have a completely dry matte opaque lip colour yet feel like you have nothing on your lips. These shades are sold out, (except celebrity skin on the australian link atm) DEFINATELY get these when you get a chance!!

THE BEST COLOUR EVER! This is my all time favourite lip colour, it’s so beautiful and unique! I love this! the formula is very similar to Jeffree stars formula just a little more drying, totally opaque and long wearing and never cracks on me! i love it! This colour is currently in stock so JUMP ON IT!

Sepia, Veronica and Dusty Rose are my ultimate favourites from this brand (so so sorry these shades are currently sold out but deff check back on the site to see when they go back in stock) These shades are so beautfiul, I absolutely love this formula too. at first i was on the fence about it because it’s so different from other liquid lipsticks, they re did their formula to make it for comfortable to wear. Its thick, it’s really opaque and NEVER drying. It has a little transfer and isn’t as long wearing as others but its super comfortable. If you really don’t want the drying feeling these are for you! The only this is the gorgeous gold detailing near the cap always wears of pretty quickly as you can see in the pictures, the product remains amazing!

My full review and swatches of these colours HERE

BEEPER is my absolute favourite shade from colour pop this year. If you frequent my blog then you know i have a love hate relationship with the Ultra Matte Liquid lipsticks. Some shades are horrible they flake of and go streaky and other shades (Like Beeper) are beautiful, for $6 you can’t go wrong.For me I’ve found the bright colours seem to flake and go yuck but the awesome nudes, mauves and grey colours seem to be wonderful. Beeper is the perfect hybrid in colour between celebrity skin and stone!

These swatches are wet, they are dry darker than stone, celebrity skin and beeper dry with a greyish undertone (beautiful)

TOP TO BOTTOM: Dusty Rose, Veronica, Sepia, Stone, Androgyny, Celebrity Skin and Beeper


Whirl, Velvet Teddy & Spirit Have been my go to shades from mac this year. Whirl and Velvet teddy were made famous by Kylie Jenner but for good reason, both gorgeous shades, Really enjoy these purchases as you can tell I’m obsessed with anything brown, taupe or mauve!

Secret Agent is my ultimate favourite from Lorac. This lipstick is extremely matte I love this colour its described as a “Plummy Brown” Really cool colour. I can’t find Lorac in Australia so HERE is my post on how to buy makeup from America!

Love Craft Has been a favourite, I love it the formula is very like the Lorac formula, this and matte, this shade does stain my lips but I like the way it looks after! This like is American But again Click HERE to see how to buy makeup from America!

Milky Way Is the prefect creamy brown lipstick she! I love this colour, its a nice change from matte lips, the brown isn’t too intense it kind of cool tone light brown. I love it!

Anna is my most favourite lipstick shade! It’s a gorgeous Mauve, this lipstick is very cream, I don’t wear it a lot because it fully on the matte lip bandwagon but this colour is just beautiful!!!!

TOP TO BOTTOM :  Milky way, Anna, Secret Agent, Love Craft, Velvet Teddy, Spirit & Whirl 


This is the perfect contour palette for me. I have SO MANY my Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette follows close behind but I just love every shade in this

I adore these shades, They are so soft and beautiful to blend, the only downside about this palette is that the shades aren’t refillable, as you can see I’m going to run out of the banana shade and will have to buy a whole new palette just to get that shade, that’s where the Anastasia palette is amazing because you can create and refil your own palette with so many different shades. But for my medium skin tone this palette is the BOMB!


This Mascara is the nest lengthening and thickening mascara ever. I have never even come close to finding something like this! i will continue to repurchase it! the only down side is after about 3 months of use the formula seems to change to it flakes more so that’s something to be aware of!


The Brow wiz is the best thing ever for my brows, the actual product is such a cool formula that it just looks so natural so it really allows you to naturally shape and transform your brows, I really recommend this one for all ages to because it’s so hard to go over board, the spooly is the best brush I’ve overused also!

I love this for when I’m going out or for when I really want to shape my brows perfectly. It’s really pigmented to it is easier to mess up than the brow wiz (this is like the step up) the formula is smudge proof and water proof so you can wear it without worrying that it will end up a mess!

I love this little brow gel for light makeup sort of days, It doesn’t have a great hold to it but i like the way it sort of makes my brows look done without being done, it adds a little pigmentation and just cleans them up ever so slightly.


This Concealer is the best I’ve ever used, everyone raved about it so I bit the bullet and just bought it. Its full coverage, it never cakes up, it blends effortlessly and it is completely weightless, it’s the perfect concealer it’s just quite expensive.

This is the cheapest concealer I’ve found and it has total high-end quality. this is my second favourite it’s even taken over mac pro longer concealer, its thickish and quite sort of creamy but it just doesn’t crease and have a huge shade range also (deff buy it)


This is the best bronzer I’ve ever found, it’s quite expensive but it just sits so beautifully on the skin, it never streaks or ever looks cake it literally looks like skin. It’s a must have for me!

These are the only polishes I use these days. You NEED the top coat, its a gel polish without needing the UV light! I still think good nail prep keep this on longer but either way it lasts way longer than regular nail polish I really love these!!


If you aren’t very good or confident with winged eyeliner (like me) I find this really good for getting a precise sharp line! It’s a must have for me!

This is my favourite in expensive gel liner, I used to use the Napoleon one, it lasted forever but it was $40 this one is so easy to afford and it is great, no smudging!!!!

This pencil is SO CREAMY for me it beats the Ardency Inn pencil. It glides on and you can smudge it out with ease, its a must have for me!


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well not really I have so many other things I wanted to add but this is the longest post I’ve ever done so I had to cut it short!!! I would love to hear your favourites or any post requests just leave me a comment!!

Thankyou xxx


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