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Well this is a random post from my usual  reviews but I wanted to share what I bought recently while in Perth. Its tax time atm so when we have spare money from our tax returns its usually when we get to buy a few things we have been wanting. I was invited to a Bioderma Breakfast so while in Perth without my kids I took the opportunity to have a look around. believe it or not, I had never actually been into Mecca before. I want to show you some cool new releases that I was gifted at the Bioderma Breakfast and then see what I bought (so many cool things) Keep reading!!

These are the products that were in my goodie bag from Bioderma. This was actually my first event, usually with having 5 kids and being 2 hours out of the city I don’t get to go to events, but this time I made it (we were 45 minutes late because we totally misjudged the traffic). there are a few products in here that I am quiet excited about. I have only used the Bioderma Sensibio H2O in the past so it was nice to find out about new products.

You can get this on for $65 which I am quiet happy with as its 50ml which is quite large for a serum. I have only managed to use this twice so far, I really love how soft it leaves your skin. Even when I first applied it to the back of my hand you can really feel how nice this is. this is one of the main products I was excited about.

Some other things as you can see in the bag are the you can get this from priceline, its multi purpose for your face, hair and body. Again I haven’t tried this yet but it smells SO GOOD! I love that It has a spray top to! Also the new Makeup Removing Cleansing Milk from Bioderma RRP $32.99. I can’t wait to try this, it’s for sensitive skin and its so smooth. There was also the new Soothing moisturising toning lotion from Bioderma also RRP $32.99 This is also for sensitive skin.

Lastly the brand new Bioderma Sensible AR BB Cream RRP $43.99 We were actually the first in the country to get our hands on this newbie releasing in September. It currently only comes in one shade which is the downside. its “Light” but I would say it suits light/medium skin tones with a little hint of a pink undertone. The coverage is light but it just does an amazing job at hiding redness and smoothing out your skin for a real airbrushed look. I want to try this as a prime and see how it works. its got spf 30+ also which is awesome.

If you want a full review on any of these please let me know!


My First stop was Mecca Cosmetica Where I stocked up on some NARS!

This is an awesome foundation, usually i use the shade punjab but lately it seems to be throwing too peach on me. Also its winter so I went for a lighter shade, ‘FIJI” which is for light skin with yellow undertones, Im hoping this works for me as SHEER GLOW is one of the best foundations you can get.

I love this concealed, I use the shade custard underway eyes. I love ti, definitely worth trying out!

nars blush in SIN

I LOVE NARS BLUSH I actually was going to buy a new one in the shade “Orgasm” as I LOVE IT but mines about 4 years old. Instead i decided to try something new and get “SIN”. Sin reminded me of orgasm its just a dark berry shade with a gold shimmer, opposed to orgasm which is a coral with a gold shimmer

Then I stopped at Mac and Laura Mercier!

I got the shade “half N Half” I have been eying it off for awhile and then I saw my friend wear it and had to have it. Its a nice nude brown colour. Mac describes it as a Creamy pink “Amplified cream”

I never understood what the hype was about until I tried this. i use it every day before my makeup. I think my first one last me 6 months. I think it really helps your makeup go one nicer more than any other spray that just seems to wet your face.

I just can’t live without this! I have used my current one for about a year, and I use ALOT every morning and I still have 1/3 left. I had to buy it now because i was worried I would run out and not have enough spare money to buy a new one haha! you NEED to try this!

Lastly we went to Mecca Maxima!!

I got this in the shade light warm. I love this concealer, I ran out of my first one AGES ago but its just so dam expensive that I had to wait until tax time! if you are wanting to try a concealer, I would try this over the NARS radiant creamy concealer! both are awesome but this is my fav!

NOW its totally possible I bought this for the packaging….. I got the shade bronzed as it had less of a pink undertone. Its very comparable in shade to the BENEFIT COSMETICS “Hoola” Bronzer

Again it was th packaging that roped me in! I loved the shade section also, very yellow based like my skin, so I chose the colour “Awakened’ RG45 it looks like it will suit me perfectly!

THATS ALL GUYS! I had so much fun, But now its time to reign it in again and go on a spending ban! I love tax time, its that one time of the year we get to treat our selves! what is on your list?

Is there anything that you would like me to review?

thankyou for reading!!!




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