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Hello! Ok so im am here with my review of the April MORPHE ME LIVE GLAM subcription. If you guys want to know about the actual subscription, the costs , the shipping etc click HERE and read all about it in my last post. This post will be reviewing the actual brushes. Now if you read my last post HERE you will know I wasn’t overly happy with last month. The main reason being those brushes were really hyped up by Morphe Affiliate youtubers and I had way higher expectations. Ive have been quite sceptical about Morphe especially because of the affiliates. Now I am stepping onto controversial ground here but this is why it gets to me. I have no problems with affiliates but lately it seems any chance they get they are talking about Morphe and continuously throwing out their affiliate codes. ESPECIALLY when the 35O palette comes back in stock. you can’t escape it. My main concerns are Everyone did this with Gerard Cosmetics, so people spent their money and then they were don’t with gerard cosmetics. I also have had mixed feelings since watching youtube video, it’s very informative, it’s a review with FACTS so I think you definitely need to watch it. The truth is Beauty Bloggers, youtubers etc are where the advertising is at for companies these days, it’s very easy to be influenced. Do your research and be careful what crazes you buy into (that’s a note to my self as well). With all of that aside here is what i thought if the brushes this month, if you are interested then keep reading!!

This month.. I was actually happy. I go into every trial I do with an open mind, I test products out and I do my research. I Knew this month we were getting 5 little brushes looking like 4 eye brushes and a bigger blending brush that I immediately knew I would use for highlighter. I knew we were getting blending brushes and I was ready to test these OVER and OVER again. I LOVE my Sigma e40 brush. That is my blending brush. I place no other above it, it’s so soft and blends out eyeshadow like a dream! So i was pretty sure these brushes weren’t going to match up. I was presently surprised. The brushes that came this month were the M510, M330, M508, M505 and the M504. I was especially excited about the M508.

This brush is made of goat hair. For me its way to big to use on my eyelids so I wanted to use this for highlighter. I was worried that it wasn’t going to be soft enough but it is. It picks up the right amount of product and places it well onto your face. I will be using this brush over and over again and I am very glad I now have this in my collection

Now in the picture on the website this brush look quite pointed but my brush definitely inst pointed. It’s definitely tapered but has a softer rounder end to it. I LOVE THIS BRUSH. for a $6.99 brush this is extremely soft. This brush looks and feels almost exactly the same as my favourite Sigma E40 except this one is $6.99. I am so happy I have this brush It blends eyeshadow so well and feels so soft on the eyes, I want to buy a few more of these as backups.

This brush here is kind of a smaller and more pointed version of the M504 this brush is very handy but its a little more scratchy on the eyes, this on good for when you just want to blend out a smaller area. it’s an ok brush but not a must have.

Oh look a brush that looks the same as the other two hehe. No its quite different. this brush I do like. It has a longer handle and the bristles are very soft like the M504. this is perfect for blending out really close into the crease. I recommend this brush.


I like this little brush too!! it’s so cute and its like $3.99 I love this for smudging out eyeliner on my top or bottom lash line, it’s also awesome for applying eyeshadow to your bottom lash line, just really handy!!!


I am happy this month. So far I have enjoyed the Morphe ME subscription but I am not excited about the May brushes, they don’t look that exciting. I will see how they are and update you all as soon as I have tested them! Any questions ask me in the comments!

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