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WELL hello! As promised on my instagram todays review is all about the . I purchased 3 foundations and 1 contour stick. I didn’t read ANYTHING about these before buying them so I wasn’t really sure what I was buying all I knew was ABH had been working on them for a while. My skin is Light/medium and I am normal sometimes combination skin. In summer I am kind of oily and sometimes I can go slightly oily on my t-zone but very minimal. These are a really good price and a decent/normalish amount of product for a stick foundation. Keep reading to see if these a keepers or NOT.

This product has .35oz of Product for $25 compared to my last review foundation HERE (the Hourglass Vanish foundation) that has just .25oz for a whopping $46. With that being said this foundation probably offers half the pigmentation that the vanish foundation offers. This foundation is Made and Marketed towards Oily skin. I didn’t know this when I bought it but when using it you can tell right away that this is a HELL NO for dry skin. This is actually quite easy to blend out with either a beauty sponge or a flat top kabuki though I prefer the flat top kabuki, its much quicker and I find the finish to be more even. This formula is much drier than the Vanish foundation yet it blends SO MUCH easier. If you have dry skin DO NOT buy this. Below is what I have found to be the perfect amount. Any less and the coverage is too sheer and anymore the foundation will rub off.

If you apply more than this the foundation will rub off in chunks. There is NO TRANSFER with this foundation you can touch your face and it wont be on your hands. As you can see in the before and after picture below this is medium coverage, you can still see my skin but its given me an even natural looking base. the picture below is just foundation no concealer or powder.

I do find it hard to keep the product on my nose for very long, as you can see in the pictures which were taken 5 hours after application. The up close is so ugly, you’ve been warned haha, but then I will have below that one from a little bit further away so you can see it’s not to bad.. It’s a little daunting putting pics that close of my face up but Its the only way I can show how the foundation is working.

I get a good 5 hours wear out of this and it fades very naturally. I most enjoy setting this with translucent powder. For some reason once set if I go to use a setting spray it makes every thing cake up so I just skip that step with this foundation. I just have to remember to not touch my nose. This is a really nice foundation for summer and hotter days. It DOESN’T sink into pores or accentuate fine lines.

If you are having a drier skin day try buffing it out with a LITTLE facial oil.


I think Anastasia and Norvina have done a great Job. The shade range is HUGE, they have tried to cater to the fairest skin to the darkest skin and everyone in between. That gets a huge A+ From me. I can pull off beige or Warm Natural and they both look like an exact match. Golden Is the shade I bought for summer. I really enjoy the contour stick MINK. It’s just easy It blends nicely and leaves a totally natural looking contour.

If you are dry maybe give the contour a go but avoid the foundation. If you are normal, combination or oily deff give this a go. It’s not for full coverage but works so nicely for a medium natural finish. The price point is awesome and the packaging is really sleek too. I really like it. I have realised lately though I really much prefer liquid foundations opposed to stick foundations, they are so much easier to apply.

I would love to hear what you think, do you like it? What is your skin type? Xx


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