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Hello! As I promised on my  here is my full review, swatches and overall thoughts on the newest Anastasia Beverly Hills release, the “Self Made Palette

So this is the palette, it’s really pretty. I have to be honest When I opened it I felt slightly disappointed. Mainly because I felt like the palette looked different in person than it did on Instagram. People were going crazy for this palette saying that it was “all a makeup artist would need”. I didn’t realise that the palette only had 2 complete matte shades. the colour “ISLA” I thought it was going to be a matte aqua shade that would be nice for spring/summer but it’s a shimmery shade. With that being said, I did no research on this palette I just saw there was a new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and knew it would be great.

 This is  picture taken straight from Anastasia Beverly Hill Instagram page, when its this size you can see the shades more clearer but me rushing my scrolling I had thought the palette would be different. WITH THAT BEING SAID as soon as I swatched these I was really impressed and so glad I had bought it. This is my third Anastasia Palette I also own the “Artiste Palette” and the “Shadow Couture” Palette (both I love).

The shadows are a really beautiful formula, they are so pigmented and soft and blend REALLY easy. The only shade that I don’t like is “Spirit Rock” Its a matte black with Glitter. I find it doesn’t blend to well and it seems to go patchy on me which you will see in a swatch. It does however work really well on the bottom lash line or when used with a small angled brush for a smokey sort of eyeliner. The Packaging is pretty sleek, its a sort of covered card board palette.

THE BRUSH Is THE BEST Brush that I’ve ever received with ANY palette. The Palette is $35 when you think if you bought a good quality blending brush and a shader brush you would pay more that $35 Just for those brushes so this is a great deal. if you were out or traveling you could create really nice eye makeup just using the bush that the palette came with, if I can’t find my SIGMA E40 to blend with this is the brush I reach for next for any eyeshadows that I’m using. It’s really nice to have a brush with a palette that you can actually use.

This palette only has 2 matte shades “Buttery” which is an Ultra Matte beige (also seen in the Artiste Palette) and “Hot Chocolate” with is an Ultra Matte Rich Cocoa Brown. I did wish that there was a matte crease shade in the palette. Though I often use “Sherbet” in the crease as it’s not overly shimmery its got a sheen but seems to work well as a crease shade.

OVERALL I really like this palette. It is really very versatile and every shade is really great quality (except for spirit rock). At $35 I think this palette is VERY worth it. The shadows are great quality and the brush is a really great. Even though the palette is cardboard it seems quite sturdy, you would have to really bash it around to damage it. This definitely gets my approval.


TOP ROW: Left to right – Pink Champagne “A rose gold with a titanium finish”, Metallic Plum “A Dark Plum with a Metallic Finish”, Self Made “A Deep Bronze with a satin finish”, Witchy “A khaki green with a sparkle finish”, Blush “A Light beige with a duo chrome pink finish”, Blossom “A Lilac pink with a metallic finish” and Buttery “A Buildable Beige with an ultra matte finish”




This swatch was taken inside with minimal light. You can barely see “buttery” at the end but you can see that is a light banana shade beige. “Pink Champagne” is also in the World traveller palette. it’s definitely my favourite shade, its a really pigmented foiled sort of shade. You can see that all the swatches are smooth and not chunky.


You can see how pretty these are in the sunlight. I found it hard to capture the duo chrome effect of “Blush” its a sort of grey beige with a pretty pink duo chrome.

BOTTOM ROW: Left to RIght – Deep Purple “An Amethyst purple with a titanium finish”, Treasure “An ultra light champagne with a metallic finish”, Hot & Cold “A rum brown with a metallic finish”, sherbert “An ultra light peach with a velvet finish”, Isla “A sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finish”, Spirit Rock “A galaxy black with a sparkle finish” and Hot Chocolate “Rich, Cocoa brown with an ultra matte finish”


The shade Deep purple is BEAUTIFUL its a really unique colour. you can see there is a nice range of warm toned browns (most of us LOVE these shades) and then the cool duo chrome green. You can see the swatch of “Spirit Rock” is quite patchy I redid this twice to try to get the best swatch but the result is the same. Every other colour is perfectly smooth.


This sunlight swatch really shows the cool gold duo chrome on the green shade “Isla” and how perfect treasure is for an inner corner and brow bone highlight.

This palette what ive mainly used for the last month and I really do like it, have you tried it? did this review whelp your decision on whether to buy it or not?

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